Item #: SCP-1539

Laconic Containment Procedures: Fill the room SCP-1539 inhabits with concrete.

Laconic Description: SCP-1539 is located within a laundry room in the basement of an apartment complex. SCP-1539 does not have a physical form. Any objects that remain within SCP-1539 for long enough will have their identities switched with another object in the room or removed altogether. The physical properties of the object are not changed.

SCP-1539-01 through -04 are objects recovered from SCP-1539 that have had their identities altered. In order they are: a pencil with the identity of a desk lamp, a human with the identity of a washing machine (now deceased), a wallet with the identity of a human, and a phone with no identity.

The Foundation is affected just as much as anybody else by the identity-switching. They recognize this but are still very confused by it, and while they try to work around it, they can't always pull it off.

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