Scp 1500

Item #: SCP-1500

Object Class: Safe (actually Keter)

Laconic Containment Procedures:
(False document) The room should have grow lights and a soil floor, and nutrient-rich water regularly pumped in. Absolutely no personnel are allowed in the cell to prevent damage to SCP-1500.

(True document) No cameras or people are allowed in to prevent SCP-1500's effects. A false document is to be created in order to prevent investigation/rescue. Anyone with persistent headaches are to be transferred away from the site.

Laconic Description:
(False description) SCP-1500 is a man named Zachary Callahan with plantlike characteristics. As he becomes more and more plantlike, he has become incredibly fragile. He is fine with the idea of becoming a plant and prefers to be left alone.

(True description) SCP-1500 is a somewhat horrifying humanoid plant. Any human within line of sight to it experiences headaches and fear, increasing until they pass out. When they awaken, they believe SCP-1500 is a human named Zachary Callahan: a lifelong friend, relative, etc. who features in their memories. Amnestics help somewhat, but those affected still perceive him as being human.

Additional Context: It seems SCP-1500 can affect people over long distances, mostly targeting political/military figures and Foundation personnel.

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