Item #: SCP-148

Object Class: Euclid

Laconic Containment Procedures: Cast SCP-148 into 120 ingots and distribute them evenly across all available Foundation facilities that don't contain other SCPs. No mind-affecting or extrasensory anomaly may ever contact SCP-148. If they do, evacuate and blow up the affected metal. Personnel assigned to SCP-148 must rotate out every three weeks and receive regular psychological evaluations.

Laconic Description: SCP-148 is an unidentified alloy with many exotic properties, including its primary ability to absorb and degrade anomalous and non-anomalous mental properties. People near SCP-148 will rapidly have their mental faculties degrade, and mind-affecting anomalies will have their effects blocked. Continued absorption of psychic energy will cause SCP-148 to swell until it reaches its critical point and collapses, releasing its accumulated power in one psychic burst.

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