Item #: SCP-1471

Laconic Containment Procedures: Any mobile device that has SCP-1471 is to be confiscated and placed in Site-45, and app stores are to be monitored to stop SCP-1471 from spreading.

Laconic Description: SCP-1471 is a 10MB phone app titled, "MalO ver1.0.0". When downloaded, the user will receive constant images every 3-6 hours of a large creature with a wolf-skull for a head - named SCP-1471-A - in places they frequently visit. After 48 hours, the user will then receive images of SCP-1471-A in places they have recently visited, regardless of frequency. Once 72 hours has passed, the user will receive images of SCP-1471-A near the user in real time.

At 90 hours, the user will begin to see SCP-1471-A in the corner of their eye, or in reflections. After 90 hours, the user will see SCP-1471-A clearly within their peripheral vision. SCP-1471-A has been noted to try to communicate with the user past the 90 hour mark.

The description for "Mal0 ver1.0.0" on app stores advertises SCP-1471 as a way to help deal with social anxiety and loneliness.

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