Item #: SCP-1466

Object Class: Keter

Laconic Containment Procedures: Don't let people discover it; if computers capable of discovering it become widely available, all information regarding Goldbach's Conjecture is to be wiped from public knowledge with amnestics.

Only test with SCP-1466 in places where SCP-1466-A instances will exit into space harmlessly. Keep -C in a storage locker.

Laconic Description: An even 21-digit number that disproves Goldbach's Conjecture1

Successfully disproving the Conjecture with SCP-1466 causes invisible balls that destroy anything they come into contact with. They move independently of the Earth and thus fly away into space as the Earth moves away from them.

SCP-1466-B instances are text files that appear 3-4 times a year in computers trying to disprove the Conjecture. If left alone for 83 days, they will automatically be deleted.

SCP-1466-C is a computer that glitched during an experiment with SCP-1466 and now can't use the number to disprove the Conjecture.

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