Item #: SCP-1350

Laconic Containment Procedures: It's in Antarctica. There's a primary research dome and a secondary backup dome 20km away. There's 12 smaller domes equally spaced around a 300m circle, with SCP-1350 in the middle. There's a drugged D-class inside each dome, each strapped to a platform which can rotate as needed. There's a second set of domes set up in a 12km circle, and this circle is used to re-contain SCP-1350 if it breaches containment. There's also a circular track off to the side.

SCP-1350 moves toward the nearest D-class who is looking at it at any given moment. Whenever 1350 gets close to one of them, that D-class gets turned away from it, and a different one is turned toward it. One D-class gets changed out each hour.

Once every month 1350 must be allowed to reach one of the D-class. If 1350 reaches a D-class unexpectedly, the two nearest D-class lead it around the circular track until it goes back to normal.

If 1350 reaches the primary dome, a neurotoxin will kill everyone inside, and the secondary domes will handle re-containment. If it reaches the secondary dome, then a track leads it to a launchpad, and a rocket will lead 1350 out into space until the Foundation can figure out how to re-contain it again.

Laconic Description: It's a dot of light that you can see through anything from any distance away, and which can pass through matter unimpeded. It moves toward the closest organism larger than 2488 grams, with top priority given toward organisms that are looking at it. It accelerates at ~.05m/s², but if it switches targets its speed resets to its current "base" speed. If it reaches its target, the target dies, and its "base" speed, size, and brightness all increase by 22.7%, exponentially. These parameters decrease linearly by 1.14% per day until it reaches its minimum. If it remains at its minimum for more than 24.2 days, then it just moves toward the nearest organism until it has contacted three targets.

Additional Context: It killed a foundation team. They managed to get a message out. The foundation sent a containment team, who kept it following them until containment procedures could be established.

It is suspected to be from another galaxy. It does not "exist" in the universe, and as such is not limited by the speed of light, so if it completely breached containment it would quickly become the brightest, largest, fastest moving, and deadliest object in the universe.

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