Item #: SCP-129

Object Class: Keter

Laconic Containment Procedures: 98% of the world are carriers of it, but since most are naturally immune, keep an eye out for Stage 5 infections and contain them.

Laconic Description: A group of fungal organisms carried by most people in the world, though almost everyone is immune to actual infection past Stage 2. It infects animals and humans. People Susceptible people undergo five stages:

  • Stage 1: No symptoms aside from a yeast smell as the fungus begins its infection.
  • Stage 2: Mucus production increases. The victim starts coughing a lot and appears to have a fever. Immune people's bodies expel the SCP-129 instances at this point.
  • Stage 3: The subject eyes begin to water more. They grow thicker nose hairs, more earwax, yellower urine, and pellets in their feces that smell like yeast.
  • Stage 4: Hair-like growths cover areas already exhibiting hair on a host's skin, making the subject appear to be hairier. These fake hairs have a 90% of instantly infecting anyone that comes into contact with them, even immune people.
  • Stage 5: Infected individuals of this stage behave uniquely from case to case, with the three documented cases having one subject inflating and exploding into SCP-129 spores. The other, a group of infectees, transformed into semi-immortal, pillar-like masses of flesh. The third instance [DATA EXPUNGED].
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