Item #: SCP-125

Object Class: Euclid

Laconic Containment Procedures: Keep a surviving SCP-125 instance on a mirror obscured by nylon so that only 75% of light hitting it reflects off. No surfaces capable of producing reflections should be allowed in its containment room. If people at the site experience black dots in their vision, the site should be locked down and everyone checked for SCP-125 until it can be recontained.

Laconic Description: A small black dots present only in reflections that can move between reflections that are within its line of "sight." If it reflects into an animal or human eye it can reproduce itself and spread to more reflective surfaces and people. If a large number of them remain in a subject's eye for several days, it can cause blindness. If a subject hosting SCP-125 goes blind, they become unable to spread SCP-125.

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