Item #: SCP-123-EX

Object Class: Explained

Laconic Containment Procedures: There are no containment procedures.

Laconic Description: SCP-123-EX was formerly a person of interest of Italian descent born in 1907, theorized to be capable of causing statistically improbable outcomes which end in his favor. He was contained in 1928 after tests complied by Dr. Sharp. The primary event that led to his containment was a Foundation raid with the Bureau of Prohibition on a GOI, the Chicago Outfits, on an illegal alcohol brewery to both arrest a POI and stop the manufacturing of alcohol. During the raid, SCP-123 would be the sole survivor of the collapse of the building.

While in containment, SCP-123 would keep a diary detailing his life in containment. He received documents that he was instructed to destroy that were newspapers or articles detailing the outside world and the actions of the Chicago Outfits. He gradually degrades mentally due to being in isolation and learning his mother died. In 1930, he was released from containment due to new tests allowing the Foundation to prove with Hume levels that he is a normal human. Dr. Sharp, due to giving SCP-123 documents, was demoted to Level 1 staff.

In an interview afterward requested by SCP-123, he asks Dr. Herbert why Dr. Sharp was demoted as well as why he gave him the documents. Dr. Herbert explains Dr. Sharp wanted to try to convince SCP-123 to remain anomalous for his own safety as the Chicago Outfits would likely kill him back in the real world. SCP-123 then tries desperately to convince Dr. Herbert to keep him within the Foundation's protection, but his attempts fail.

Barely 5 months later, he would be tortured and anomalously killed by the Chicago Outfits. A note by a Foundation Historian notes that SCP-123 was one of the 10,000 false anomalies in the early days of the Foundation and this particular case should remind personnel that the Foundation can be erroneous. It should also serve as a reminder that the non-anomalous should be protected as well through their removal from the outside world.

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