Item #: SCP-1179

Object Class: Keter

Laconic Containment Procedures: The creature is currently unable to be captured and contained, but because it keeps underground and within a small radius from its original location, observation and isolation is satisfactory.

Civilians have been removed from the area for the most part, and relocated elsewhere. The cover story of a coalmine fire started by burning trash is believed by the public. The town above SCP-1179 has been reclaimed by the government and is restricted to civilians.

A Foundation bunker has been built in the area as a base camp for research and monitoring station. The Foundation and civilian law enforcement are tasked with keeping civilians out of the area.

Much of the containment procedures are out of date in the article, and crossed out to show the history.

Laconic Description: SCP-1179 is gigantic fiery demonic creature standing over 100 feet tall, trapped underneath Centralia, Pennsylvania. Carries a sword and a whip, its body looks to be made of lava, fire, and smoke.

Originally SCP-1179 was known as ‘the sleeping stone giant’ in the late 1800s, when discovered by miners in the area. It was kept secret, and eventually forgotten, before a mine fire in 1962 awakened it. The Foundation has since relocated much of the town and manipulated local politicians into maintaining the cover story of a human-made coal fire burning underground.

Additional Context: There is in fact a Centralia, Pennsylvania that has been the site of an underground coalmine fire that has burned since 1962. This SCP article takes inspiration from this real-world event, and the fire giant Surtr from Norse mythology.

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