Item#: SCP-1111

Special Containment Procedures: A restricted zone of about 2 km is stationed around SCP-1111-1. Cameras are hung from weather balloons to monitor the area.

Description: SCP-1111-1 is a white canine quadruped with a mix of German Shepard and Labrador traits. SCP-1111-1 does not eat, drink or breath and it is slightly translucent. If anyone is detected by SCP-1111-1 and happens to be coming near SCP-1111-2 it will quickly become hostile and attack.

SCP-1111-2 is the body of an unknown man hanging from a noose. SCP-1111-2 wears an old business and dress shoes but the company that produced them cannot be found due to wear. SCP-1111-2 constantly jerks and twitches and occasionally gasps for air. The further away SCP-1111-1 is from SCP-1111-2 the jerks in SCP-1111-2 become less frequent.

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