Item #: SCP-106

Laconic Containment Procedures: SCP-106 is within a large metal box that is suspended in air by using electromagnets. With several hundred spaced walls with random metal bars connecting which can 'confuse' and stall it. It is to be monitored heavily 24/7.

During a containment breach, one D-Class is to be placed in SCP-106's cell, and have its femur broken, and its screams broadcasted across the Foundation. When SCP-106 arrives. the box is sealed, and the D-Class is taken into SCP-106's dimension.

There is no testing information on SCP-106.

Laconic Description: SCP-106 is a (presumably) male human who secretes black goop that causes decaying / destruction when touching anything (such as a piece of metal rotting). It is predatory and will drag a human into its 'pocket dimension,' which is a dimension it controls. It walks through walls by creating a 'portal' to its dimension, and placing a corresponding portal within to exit from a different place on the structure (It can place a portal on a wall, walk through, and exit from the ceiling).

It is attracted to anyone in pain, despair, fear, ect.

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