Item #: SCP-093

Laconic Containment Procedures: It must always be on a mirror under video surveillance. Exploration into the inside area must be recorded.

Laconic Description: It's a red disc carved from cinnabar with symbols on it. It changes hue depending on who touches it. If not in front of a mirror and not being held it will rush to the nearest mirror-like surface. Any mirror touched by it becomes a portal to an alternate world where a god-like being makes humanity go through a technological boom in the mid-19th century in preparation for an upcoming holy war that humanity loses.

Additional Context: The original article was written by an anonymous creator, but it was brought to the site by far2 in the same year. The article was then rewritten in 2010 by NekoChrist. Five exploration logs and a supplementary document go into more detail about the world of SCP-093.

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