Item #: SCP-092

Object Class: Safe

Laconic Containment Procedures: All SCP-092 instances are to be kept in their individual CD cases on Site-37. Testing must happen in sound proof rooms and only one disk at a time.

Laconic Description: SCP-092 is 3125 CDs titled "The Absolute Absolute Absolute Absolute BEST of The 5th Dimension!!!!!", all having names related to the members of the American band "The 5th Dimension". When played, the disk causes the listener to undergo different anomalies based on the playing CD. Some cause the listener physical and mental harm. Others can transport the listener. The listener cannot turn the music off or stop playing. The anomalous effects stop after 74 minutes, and all surviving listeners will state "Wow, that was real cool".

Additional Context: SCP-092 was discovered when a man approached Site-37 with two suitcases, containing all of the 3125 instances. When interrogated, the man (then referred to as SCP-092-B) says that he is "incompetent" and "dull". He, later on, says that he wanted to be "cool" but that people didn't find his wordplay to be unfunny and uncreative. He finishes his tirade by saying that his art has to deeper meaning before immediately ripping off his head.

SCP-092-B just wanted to have his art appreciated by Are We Cool Yet? but was rejected for his art being shallow and uncreative. According to Word of God, this was used as a punishment by AWCY? for creating this art because "only the Foundation is emotionally dead enough for it to be a punishment".

Random Facts: 3125 is 55. The words "Wow, that was real cool" is five words long. The object was contained on May, 5.

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