Item #: SCP-088

Object Class: Safe

Laconic Containment Procedures: Keep SCP-088 sealed in an airtight plastic case, in a plastic room. The temperature must stay fairly cool to keep SCP-088 in hibernation. Anyone entering needs to wear protective gear.

Laconic Description: SCP-088 is a 6000-year-old, mummified, reptilian humanoid in a state of hibernation. Its mouth and hands create several kinds of toxic secretions, including liquid and gaseous neurotoxins, corrosive compounds that dissolve minerals and metals (hence plastic containment) and mutating compounds that change people into similar creatures that are loyal and reverent to SCP-088. These secretions could be useful to the Foundation, but trying to take them is risky and could awaken the creature.

Additional Context: SCP-088 was discovered surrounded by mummified, dead beings that looked similar to it, having transformed after exposure to its mutagens.

It has breached containment twice in 70 years, using its corrosive fluids. Both times, personnel were exposed to its mutating fluids and changed painfully and horribly. These new creatures sacrificed themselves to protect SCP-088. All were finally forced back into hibernation, after which the ex-personnel were killed and SCP-088 was re-contained.

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