Item #: SCP-087

Laconic Containment Procedures: The door is sealed for a reason. Leave it alone.

Laconic Description: It's a staircase that seems to go down forever, but you can't see more than 1.5 flights down no matter how bright your light is. It always sounds like a child is crying about 200 meters below you no matter how far down you go. Sometimes, the upper part of a face with opaque white eyes and no nostrils will suddenly appear in mid-air and scare the crap out of you. The face might be a cognitohazard. Also, something knocked on the door for a while after the fourth test.

Additional Context:
1. We sent a guy down there. He saw the face, got scared, and ran back up.
2. We sent someone else down there with LED lights to stick on every landing. He got deeper than the first guy, found a gouge in the wall, then saw the face, got scared ran back up, and fell comatose.
3. We sent yet another person down. She found all the LED lights gone, stepped in something gross, almost fell in a hole in the floor, and got way deeper than either of the other two. Then she saw the face behind her, got scared, ran down instead of up, and fell and hit her head. The face stared at the camera and the people watching got creeped out.
4. Something so bad happened that this record is redacted and no one wants and is allowed to try to explore this again.

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