Item #: SCP-084

Object Class: Euclid

Laconic Containment Procedures: Contained within a perimeter. Any recording devices and devices capable of expressing information stored on it is not allowed with 100m, if civilians have them and get near, are to have their devices confiscated and destroyed immediately.

Laconic Description: SCP-084 is a tower which can't be experimented on because it emits an unknown radio wave that distorts reality/time. It has a 100m radius sphere, the main effect causes SCP-084 to randomly teleport within the area at random intervals. Internally, it has an infinite amount of space. A village with 343 people was built in the area presumably before SCP-084, with birth being impossible along with death because dead bodies seem to reanimate.

Additional Context: A man was seen on a grass plane and claimed he has been traveling for 6 years, because it is impossible to leave SCP-084's area of effect.
Log 084-A4:
10m² of grass stretching endlessly, random sections seem to be rotated causing sections not to line up.

Animals that appear within look normal but randomly make 'loops' in movement and 'flickering.'

Vocal communications presented a muffled quality when within 5m, when outside of 5m, sound as if from far away, followed by echoing.

SCP-084 looks fuzzy when seen with telescopes/binoculars. More advanced equipment fails.

Weather is completely random, such as the sky being day or night at random (5 seconds of day, then 32 minutes of night, and back to 7 minutes of day), along with the weather flickering between cloudy, clear, and thunderstorms.

Destruction of matter, such as digging a hole, within will result in the out-of-place matter flickering back. If someone is within a structure when regenerated will fuse with it.

Effects on human include, blurring/flickering limbs, looping (ex. walking through a door 26 times), not requiring nutrition and hydration, passing through matter, psychological distress.

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