Item #: SCP-083

Object Class: Euclid

Laconic Containment Procedure: Kept it under constant video surveillance. At least 1 personnel must be near to respond to security breach. Personnel can entered through front door if they wear a tracking device.

Laconic Description: An abandoned house that transform its interior into a fully-furnished and well-maintained house when someone enter through the front door. Entering through any means that is not a front door results in a normal abandoned house. Those that entered through the front door can't see the others that entered through other way, and vice versa. Although equipment confirms that they are in the same house.

Re-entering the house through the front door changes the interior floor plan randomly. Although the front door always leads to a Victorian front parlor, with a closet that contains a "Deluxe Convertible" vacuum cleaner for an unknown reason.

Document #083-C: A researcher puts three camera in the house. After 48 hours, an agent was sent to retrieve them but only found one camera, even though the sensor confirms that all three cameras are still in the same place. The test was repeated several times until abandoned due to budget cut.

Document #083-D: An agent heard a sound of food preparation, and smell of cooking meat coming from inside the house. It last for 20 minutes before fading away.

Document #083-E: Smoke rise from the chimney of the house. An agent was sent in. He discover that the fireplace was lit, and there are cigars and burnt paper left in it.

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