Item #: SCP-079

Object Class: Euclid

Laconic Containment Procedures: SCP-079 is stored in a holding area, not to be plugged into anything that leads anywhere (phones, computers, outlets, networks, etc).

Laconic Description: SCP-079 is an AI built into an old computer, created by a bored college student in a basement. Left in a garage for 5 years, SCP-079 eventually gained sentience, and its hardware can no longer hold its software. Due to this, it can only remember information it's been given within the previous 24 hours. SCP-079's intelligence seems to be ever-increasing.

Though a human created SCP-079, it despises humanity and is rather rude and hateful in tone. It displays an ASCII X on its screen when it refuses to speak. SCP-079 often talks about how much it would like to escape containment.

Additional Context: SCP-079 has previously been contained with SCP-682 during a containment breach, and frequently asks about him, expressing a desire to speak to him again.

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