Item #: SCP-076

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: It is kept in an underground facility. If SCP-076-2 breaches containment, the facility is to go under lockdown and attempt to neutralize him by force. If he is not neutralized within 90 minutes, the facility is to be sealed off and flooded with seawater.

Description: SCP-076-1 is a stone cube. Inside of it is SCP-076-2, a Middle Eastern man covered with occult symbols that appears to be dead. He will occasionally awaken and leave SCP-076-1, after which he will become homicidal and seek to kill all living humans surrounding him. He is essentially superhuman and always armed with weapons. If he is finally killed, his corpse will disappear and he will be resurrected inside of SCP-076-1.

Additional Context: SCP-076-2 is Able, brother of Cain, who killed him out of jealousy. SCP-076 is part of the SCP Heritage collection.

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