Item #: SCP-069

Object Class: Safe

Laconic Containment Procedures: Currently impersonating Agent ███████ █████. Under suicide watch at Site-06-3. If it tries to escape, it is to be subdued using non-lethal weapons.

Laconic Description: A human with no age and gender. When left alone with a dead body, it disappears and SCP-069 will take on their appearance, behavior, memories, etc. If it dies, it turns to dust and does its thing on whatever human died most recently from any range.

It can resist the urge to get 'its' life together, such as paying financial dues, visiting family, getting a job, etc. When questioned, it says it all won't matter if it results in an unseen death.

Additional Context: It was found when John's, a firefighter, gear was obliterated in a burning building and the owner of the equipment emerged unscathed. It was apprehended when SCP-065 (still 'disguised' as John) responded to another fire and didn't emerge, but instead, a single civilian exited unscathed.
Addendum 1: An agent was killed during a containment breach caused by another SCP, and SCP-065 impersonated him, it had been cooperative after being informed of who they were.
Addendum 2: SCP-069 attempted suicide after a junior researcher told it of the reactions of the Agent's family when they were told he died. SCP-069 is now under suicide watch.

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