Item #: SCP-067-EX

Laconic Containment Procedures: SCP-067 is to be contained on-location and its location completely concealed to discourage trespassing. It is to receive follow-up examinations once per month and repairs are made to the exteriors while none are permitted on the interiors.

A previous procedure allowed Foundation staff to apply to stay in the SCP for a maximum of 3 days, but this practice was suspended after SCP-067 was being reevaluated. The building was destroyed afterward and the land is used for Foundation weapons and technology field testing.

The containment procedures are now nullified.

Laconic Description: SCP-067 was known as "Rurik Inn" and was covered by 11,200 species of fungi and the majority are known species. These fungi were shown to have the ability to move and grow instantaneously and do so in tandem with each other as well as several toxic molds have been discovered. Multiple species of animals with tumorous growths and fungal infections act as caretakers of the inn and are noted to wear uniforms and sometimes stand upright. Video cameras and audio recording devices did not work within SCP-067. Individuals naturally feel anxiety seeing the interior of the building but within a bedroom, individuals report intense feelings of happiness and relaxation and sleep incredibly well.

Further soil analysis revealed unusually high amounts of chemicals from animal decomposition and probably contributed to the high amounts of fungi. Recording devices were only disrupted if they were sensitive to external conditions. Recorded footage showcased a perfectly normal interior without anthropomorphic animals. The Foundation theorized there is a cognitohazard in play.

After further studies, the organic materials were found to emit radiation which was causing the original equipment to malfunction. The observed "caregiver animals" were definitively due to a memetic or hallucinogenic effect.

Finally, a new species of fungus was discovered called Orion's Cup that made a chemical compound that resulted in the above effects. Further excavations discovered uranium ore and human corpses which are likely individuals part of an unknown GOI that tried to construct a nuclear reactor here, resulting in the radiation. These individuals probably began their construction during the Foundation's containment, resulting in the SCPs containment team being disciplined.

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