Item #: SCP-065

Object Class: Euclid

Laconic Special Containment Procedures Since SCP-065 cannot be moved, it has been contained at Site ██. No one can enter within a 17m radius unless approved for testing by 2 Level 3 seniors. Anyone with cancer can not be assigned.

Laconic Description: SCP-065 is a 12m radius space located on a farm. It existed because the GOC destroyed an SCP unconfined by the Foundation. Its radius expanded to 108m in radius, killing some of them and has since been shrinking since Foundation containment.

When in SCP-065's 'red zone' specialized cells can change function, reverting cells back to stem cells (bone to goop), necrosis, reanimation of dead cells, and mutations. For humans, its like pressing a 'scramble' or 'random' option.

It also confuses you heavily if you try to look at the center.

Additional Context:
Addendum 1: A researcher sent a somatosensory (using warmth, heat, pain, etc. instead of traditional senses like sight) into the 'bubble' and it came out with fragments of a statue of a Native American deity. | The civilians had the artifact beforehand that altered DNA in a positive way to boost the yield of their crops. The GOC broke it, resulting in SCP-065, and one of the members contacted the Foundation for help.

Addendum 2: A note found in the civilian's home was a note from 'G' to John, telling John to place this 'artifact' in their home and their crops will be better.

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