Item #: SCP-049

Object Class: Euclid

Laconic Containment Procedures: SCP-049 is contained in a holding cell that must be watched by a camera at all times

Laconic Description: SCP-049 is a humanoid creature standing 1.9 meters tall, capable of speaking several languages, although prefers medieval French and English. SCP-049 resembles a medieval plague doctor, and claims that he needs to people who are infected with "the pestilence". If SCP-049 senses this pestilence in a person, he will attempt to kill them, mainly through direct skin contact; SCP-049 has the capability to kill through direct skin contact. Afterwards he will perform crude surgery on the person. Successful encounters usually result in an instance of SCP-049-2 (a zombie).

Additional Context: SCP-049 came into contact with SCP-035 during a containment breach; SCP-049's behavior after the encounter implies that SCP-049 and SCP-035 may have met each other in the past.

The article has recently received a massive rewrite to make SCP-049 more sympathetic and keep with the standards of newer SCP's.

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