Item #: SCP-049

Object Class: Euclid

Laconic Containment Procedures: SCP-049 is contained in a holding cell that must be watched by a camera at all times

Laconic Description: SCP-049 is a humanoid creature standing 1.9 meters tall, SCP-049 looks like a plague doctor and claims that he needs to cure whoever he "senses the plague in", if SCP-049 senses the plague in a person, he will attempt to touch them; SCP-049's touch is lethal to humans, afterwards he will attempt to "preform surgery" on the human, after something like 20 minutes the person rises up from the dead and is SCP-049-2 (AKA a zombie)

Additional Context: SCP-049 chatted with SCP-035 during a containment breach, SCP-049's behavior after that chat reveals that SCP-049 and SCP-035 may have met each other in the past.

The article has recently receive a massive rewrite to make SCP-049 more sympathetic and keep with the standards of newer SCP's.

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