Item #: SCP-028

Object Class: Safe

Laconic Containment Procedures: No active containment is needed at this time but access to enter is still monitored, while it is harmless the after effect is still unpredictable

Laconic Description: SCP-028 is an area near a storage yard next to an abandoned coal mine in northern Michigan. Once a subject enters the area, after 3-6 seconds the subject is given complete and random knowledge that is random on size and usefulness. Entering and exiting SCP-028 multiple times will give you a bad headache.

Experiment Logs: They sent in a D-class and he started crying and said ¨this isn't real¨ and died shortly after. An agent was accidentally exposed and started to shoot as he had learned about several classified Foundation activities. Another D-class went in and learned how to recycle carbon dioxide in his body.

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