Item #: SCP-015

Object Class: Euclid

Laconic Containment Procedures: Nothing can touch SCP-015. Any new thing sticking out of the structure must be sealed and recorded. No attacking or repairing SCP-015.

Laconic Description: A mass of pipes, vents, boilers and others various plumbing apparatus completely filling an undisclosed warehouse. It is comprised of 120 miles of piping ranging in diameter from 2.5 cm to 1 meter. The pipes are composed of a number of different substances such as bone, wood, steel, pressed ash, human flesh, glass and granite. Any hostile action taken towards SCP-015 will result in spraying the aggressor in oil, mercury, rats, a species of insect not yet identified, ground glass, sea water, entrails, and molten iron. Pipes will continue to burst around the subject until death or retreat.

Additional Context: SCP-015's image was provided by wiki user Scorpion451.

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