Item #: SCP-009

Object Class: Euclid

Laconic Containment Procedures: Subject is kept frozen in a large heat-resistant tank. Temperature is to be kept very low, and materials (especially frozen water) are to be kept away from the material.

Personnel are to be in heavy environmental protection gear when interacting with the material. Contamination by the SCP-009 material is to be avoided, and any contamination or possibilty for contamination is to be met with lethal force.

Laconic Description: Red liquid with freezing properties exactly opposite of water, turning to ice above 0 degrees Celsius (or 32 degrees Farenheit, freezing). Corrupts and absorbs normal water that it touches, including that inside of living tissue. Horribly kills things that it touches via fluid conversation and crystallization.

Additional Context: The concept is inspired by Ice-nine from Cat's Cradle, hence the number SCP-009.

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