Item #: SCP-003

Laconic Containment Procedures: SCP-003-1 must be kept in a heated environment on top of SCP-003-2. Its temperature must not fall under 35 degrees Celsius. If power fails, assigned personnel must coddle skin-to-skin SCP-003-1. Personnel must be skimmed for any parasites before entering SCP-003's containment.

Laconic Description: SCP-003 is in two parts. SCP-003-1 is a biological motherboard made of chitin, keratin, and other tissue, and SCP-003-2 is a stone tablet that SCP-003-1 can be placed on. If the temperature falls below 35 degrees Celsius, SCP-003-1 will begin to grow, first transforming inorganic material into biological material for itself, and afterward copying the biology of a living organism it comes into contact with.

The article also has a report of one time that SCP-003 surpassed previous levels of development, and became a humanoid being of some sort. It is alien and does not understand humanity, but wishes to bring paradise.

Additional Context: SCP-003 has been a Biological Motherboard, originally written by DrMann, for a long time, the current iteration is in fact a rewrite by TheDeadlyMoose posted in 2011.

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