Item #: SCP-002-EX

Object Class: Explained

Laconic Containment Procedures: Civilian encounters with the SCP is very unlikely due to technological limitations, thus there are no specific procedures required.

Laconic Description: SCP-002-EX are 23 large metallic structures in the outer Oort Cloud which could have been part of a megastructure of unknown size due to points of breakages on them that suggest they were cut apart. The relatively weak material (Carbon nanotubes) of the megastructure means that the breakage was also likely due to gravity. The megastructure would have been made out of more resources in the solar system and the surrounding interstellar region, its function is unknown but is likely not a defensive structure and finally, the structures are not made by any past civilization in the solar system. The structures are not anomalous and hence explained.

In 2034, a 24th and 25th structure was discovered buried on the planet Sedna and in the outer Oort Cloud respectively, with missile silos and laser weaponry notably being present. Rocket engines were also attached which suggests it could have been purposefully relocated. The O5 Council made a vote to maintain the Explained classification which passed by 2 votes.

In 2035, a 26th structure was found in South Africa which seemed to be destroyed intentionally. Two insectoid organisms were found dead by gunshot wounds in the structure. The O5 Council would vote again and the vote passed by a definite majority.

In 2037, a cave painting in France was found depicting SCP-002-EX instances showing humans either bringing the instances together or pulling them apart and showing them killing another of the insectoid organisms. The chamber leads to a room with a chemical laser as well as notably armored human figures, small spheres, and human hearts which the small spheres surround. The small spheres either have a skull or a spiral symbol on them. Skull-labeled spheres are Earth-like exoplanets and likely contain life on them. Spiral spheres likely reference pattern screamers. Every member of the O5 Council voted on the continued Explained classification.

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