An O5's Tale

Item #: Dr. Bright’s Proposal

Object Class: N/A

Laconic Containment Procedures: The article is written as a story being told by an O5 member to an overly-curious researcher that tried digging too deep.

SCP-001 is a powerful, sentient Factory built in the 1800s in which the very first SCPs were made. The group that would become the Foundation takes it over and tries to deal with the horrors inside. One of those horrors, the Fae, emerge with the goal of destroying both the Factory and the Foundation. They wipe out everyone but an O5 member who swears loyalty to the Factory in exchange for making it so the massacre of his people never happened. The day is rewound, the Foundation genocides the Fae, and the Factory is saved. The survivors go on to create the Foundation as it is known today, only requiring the occasional sacrifice of D-Class to the Factory to keep it complacent.

Laconic Description: The Factory acts as an origin story for the Foundation. Additionally, the Fae are still alive and living inside of SCP-4000.

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