Item #: SCP-001:O5

Object Class: N/A

Laconic Description: The article is written as a story an O5 member tells to an overly-curious researcher that tried digging too deep.

SCP-001 is a powerful, sentient Factory built in the 1800s by a cruel occultist named James Anderson. An elite team of soldiers who had dealt with anomalies before takes over the place and makes it the headquarters of what would eventually become the SCP Foundation, cataloging and utilizing the Factory's creations.

Later, in 1911, the Foundation goes to war with a race created by The Factory called Faeries/Fae, who slaughter the humans. The narrating O5 member makes a deal with The Factory that restarts the war and allows humans to win. Now, occasional sacrifices are made to The Factory to keep it satiated.

Additional Context: The Factory acts as an origin story for the Foundation. Some Fae survived inside SCP-4000.

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