Item #: SCP-001 - BLOCKED

Laconic Containment Procedures: A page declaring SCP-001 to be top secret, followed by warnings and a large fractal memetic kill agent. Below that is the list of SCP-001 proposals.

Laconic Description: SCP-001 is a special case, and is not a single SCP, but rather a collection of "SCP-001 Proposals", which do not compete for 001, but offer alternate interpretations of what could be an 001. Depending on headcanon, they are variably alternate universe occurrence, decoys or fakes, or 001s established before whatever the current system is was developed in-character. In theory, one, some, all, or none of them could be the real SCP-001.

Each is characteristic of its era and its author's perspective on what the fiction means to them.

Additional Context: There are currently more than thirty SCP-001 proposals. Below are brief summaries of each. Feel free to create individual summary pages for each proposal.

  • CODE NAME: Jonathan Ball - Sheaf of Papers: A sheaf of papers detailing an SCP document. Each time it is opened, a new SCP object is found. The Foundation is unsure whether the papers create the object or lead to its discovery.
  • CODE NAME: Dr. Gears - The Prototype: Written in an extremely rough format signifying the document was written before the Foundation was organized, it is an alien humanoid that creates powerful radioactive forces and mini-singularities. It killed Dr. Keter, inspiring the "Keter Class" designation in this continuity.
  • CODE NAME: Dr. Clef - The Gate Guardian: A colossal energy being, wielding a sword that annihilates anything that passes too close at the atomic level. Heavily implied to be the angel guarding the Garden of Eden from the biblical Book of Genesis and has references to other vaguely Abrahamic SCP objects. Contains a transmission from the future during which the being leaves the gate and the rapture begins; a voice calls out to Cain and Abel, "my two sons."
  • CODE NAME: qntm - The Lock: A small ellipsoid-shaped gem surrounded by a gold ring that is warm to the touch. It appears to emit some microwave radiation and has an infinitely complex lock on one end, but the key that would normally fit into it is missing. No attempts to open the lock have been successful and it is completely indestructible. Said to have been recovered several hundred years ago from the temple of an ancient god of death by a Scottish archaeologist. Implied to actually contain our universe.
  • CODE NAME: Bright - The Factory: Not a traditional SCP Article, but in fact one of many "Talks with Mann" style O5's Tale, wherein an O5 member talks to Dr Mann about something in the world. Details the history and existence of The Factory, one of the older GOIs, as the secret SCP-001. The Factory itself was a massive factory built in the 1800s by a pagan and devil worshiper. The Factory could create any product imaginable, but had a "dark side," where many now-documented SCPs come from. The story of The Factory culminates with a massive battle between regular humans and "Ferries," human-appearing anomalies created in the depths of the The Factory; the surviving humans formed the Foundation. Additional documents suggest Dr. Wondertainment was enslaved here as well.
  • CODE NAME: Dr. Mann - The Spiral Path: A spiral-shaped gravel path that, when walked one way, goes uphill and downhill normally. When walked the other, is continuously uphill. Attached to a Tale, Document 001-O5, which discusses how early members of what would become the Foundation used this as inspiration to create anomalous items, to just see what they can do. Eventually things get out of hand and anomalies they didn't create begin to appear, leading to the ever-increasing number of SCPs.
  • CODE NAME: Dr. Mackenzie - The Legacy: A collection of objects including a metallic block of unknown material, a key made of that same material, and a diary belonging to an "Administrator." The diary follows broken and vague parts of this Administrator's story, and culminates in a document telling how he was from another universe and is attempting to halt or slow down a "Corruption" that resulted from his people bending the rules of reality too much. The diary says he's found a solution and compiled it in a document, which has yet to be found.
  • CODE NAME: S. Andrew Swann - The Database: A meta SCP-001, wherein the Foundation discovers and attempts to seal away the truth of its nature. Similar to Kalinin's Proposal, where the entity in question is actually the wiki authors.
  • CODE NAME: Scantron - The Foundation: An SCP-001 written from the perspective of the FBI's Unusual Incidents Unit, a Group of Interest which represents the US Federal Government's paranormal containment effort.
  • CODE NAME: Djoric/Dmatix - Thirty-Six: A group of thirty-six individuals capable of lessening or neutralizing any SCPs they come near or into contact with. If one dies, a large number of severe supernatural phenomena suddenly occur, resulting hundreds of deaths. It is implied that through fate and forces not clearly defined in the article, they are destined to restore the world.
  • CODE NAME: Roget - Keter Duty: A facility that houses a number of SCP objects, many of which are Keter. Hazardous Keters are contained by other Keters that effectively cancel each other out - if a cell breaches, that area becomes hostile to human life. If all are breached, a bubble of reality distortion will spread from the building and consume the universe. The article implies that this may have happened before, but reality was partially restored to the way it is now.
  • CODE NAME: Kate McTiriss - A Record: An SCP slot that, in-universe, makes whatever is written within it absolutely true. A researcher becomes God.
  • CODE NAME: Kalinin - Past and Future: An entity/entities which wishes ill of humanity and is the apparent source of all paranormal phenomena in the observable universe and is altering/re-writing certain SCPs to be more difficult to contain or deadlier than they were before. Created in conjunction with an associated Tale series that fleshes the narrative out. A type of 4th wall break where the entities are actually SCP Wiki article writers and editors.
  • CODE NAME: Wrong - The Consensus: An origin of the Foundation after a reality restructuring event wherein the current reality was created after an Occult War in the previous reality. Only 13 random people retained their memories of the original reality, and are the only indicators that the event ever occurred. It is revealed at the end of the article that O5-13 did not keep his memories from before the event occurred and lied to be a tiebreaker vote.
  • CODE NAME: S. D. Locke - When Day Breaks: Originally written for the SCP-3000 contest, themed around horror, this is not an origin of the SCP Foundation, but an end of the world. The Sun transforms and causes all living things to melt like wax. An SCP-Tale hybrid, it is written from the perspective of a Foundation agent attempting to reach safety. The Administrator's note from the "About the Foundation" page spawned the idea of flipping the dark-bad/light-good dichotomy.
  • CODE NAME: spikebrennan - God's Blind Spot: A spot designated as Facility T that prevents all human death within its area (to a reasonable extent). Created after God went to kill Moses for not circumcising his son, but Moses's wife Zipporah did before God could kill Moses. The Foundation has since made a contract with God that limits the time they can use the spot in return for not being killed when they leave.
  • CODE NAME: WJS - Normalcy: A non-anomalous document that is shared between the members of the O5 Council, which defines what is considered to be the basic laws of reality. Anything that happens outside of what the document defines is considered to be anomalous. Proposals have been made throughout the years, including one from July 1945 (about a month before the events on Hiroshima and Nagasaki) about the laws of nuclear fission. A button at the bottom of the page promises access to the actual document, but actually leads to a letter written to the reader from an O5 member, stating perfectly why the SCP Foundation is cold, not cruel.
  • CODE NAME: BILLITH - The World At Large: Another Foundation planted life on Earth millions of years ago. This other Foundation has control over most of the universe.
  • CODE NAME: Tanhony - Dead Men: An 84 year old person that, when removing/affecting certain parts of their body, can affect how human death works. The Ethics Committee determines that the O5 Council is using it for themselves, and plans to kill them and replace them. The O5 use their mobile task force, Alpha-1 ("Red Right Hand"), the Ethics committee use theirs, Omega-1 ("Law's Left Hand")) and the Administrator uses theirs, Rēsh-1 ("Seat of Consciousness"). The 84 year old person, the Administrator, and many of the O5 Council are killed.
  • CODE NAME: Lily - The World's Gone Beautiful: An event that will take place 24 hours before the end of all life on Earth during which flowers will grow all over the planet and everyone will become peaceful. The actual event that ends the world is not described.
  • CODE NAME: Tufto - The Scarlet King: An extradimensional being called "The Scarlet King" that exists in multiple realities and has been attempting to enter this reality for hundreds of years. Said to be the physical embodiment of the antiquity's hatred for the modern ways of life. When SCP-231-7 dies, he will enter our reality. SCP-2317 is a similar iteration of this SCP-001 proposal.
  • CODE NAME: Jim North - A Simple Toymaker: A reality bender who bends reality to make anomalous toys named Dr. Wondertainment. Many other SCPs are related to or created by him.
  • CODE NAME: I.H. Pickman - Story of Your Life: Similar to The Database, however told differently, where documentation of it can only be written in a narrative format.
  • CODE NAME: The Great Hippo (feat. Peppersghost) - A Good Boy: A text generator AI that is fed with the entire SCP database and advises the O5 Councilon how to better contain anomalies. After much early success, it is given too much power and it starts to neutralize anomalies and O5/Ethics officials who try to stop it. The ending is left vague for the reader to interpret whether the AI actually did neutralize all the anomalies, or was just messing with the database. It is the only SCP-001 entry which is "Explained" (non-anomalous) as it is just a regular computer system running a neural network with lots of information on anomalies.
  • CODE NAME: weizhong|thedeadlymoose|Drewbear|Dexanote - Project Palisade: The Foundation discovers "The Worm", an entity that destroys reality, and attempts to protect themselves from it by creating alternate realities as shields. A hypothesis is made that this method actually strengthens the entity, but the Foundation denies it for some reason.
  • CODE NAME: Captain Kirby - O5-13: O5 Council member O5-13, said to be anomalous after being the sole survivor after the previous Site-01 detonated its nuclear warhead for unknown reasons. At the end of the article however it is revealed that O5-13 isn't anomalous and is the only one of the O5 Council that lacks some degree of anomalous properties; only O5-13 and the Administrator know this. Since O5-13 is different than O5-1 through O5-12 in this regard, they see him as different, and therefore an anomaly.
  • CODE NAME: Pedantique - Fishhook: A choose-your-own-adventure tale featuring a Foundation employee with insufficent clearance trying to view a SCP-001 file. Also a take on how Berryman-Langford Memetic Kill Agent works.
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