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☦God has been dead for a long time.☦

In the fen, something like a woman balances on something resembling a tree. The sky above it is wispy with feathers of birds migrating to nowhere, and down by the water their heads become temporarily dislodged.

The horizon is shaded in static purple, and I can see it all. Everything is real and original. Everything has gone to hell, and this rock seems to be my faraday cage. I can't be sure of what I am anymore.

Am I the only one still capable of being afraid? I could be the only one waiting for the singularity. Everything else is indifferent. The rats have been multiplying for ages, but it shouldn't be long now.

The year is 3053, and I've seen it all.

Let's begin at the end.

Ancient History

The Information Age

Changes at Site-18
July 28th, 1976

Senescence, Consumption, Persecution
August 14th, 2051 - September 9th, 2077

Anno Domino
December 1st, 2081

February 2nd, 2087

The Last Era

The Serpent Gambit
December 21st, 2090

Another Lost Legacy
September 13th, 2112

August, 2119

The Age of Rot

How Tightly The Coils Squeeze
September 18th, 2160

A Eulogic Elegy For The Dreams
October 10th, 2167

The Rat's Nest

Kali Yuga, 30XXXXX

T-Minus X

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