ㄗitch 卄aven

Pitch Haven is a series documenting an alternate universe (or at the least a different universe creation) and how it intersects with the SCP Foundation, two agents, Agent Dr Stuart Hayward and Agent Sarah Crowley in Site-45.

The beginning of the universe began with a deity named "the Maker". He would create 14 demiurges (a being responsible for the creation of the universe) named the Seven Pairs. They would make more demiurges totalling up to a total of 777 demiurges. At this point, they did not have a form.

They would create the Heavens and the Earths, where the human inhabited Earth is named the Living Earth and later Third World. Once reality was set, they would take on forms of various animals of their preference, although they had the ability to change form accordingly. The first pair, Fredrick and Agathos are King and Queen respectively and rule over Eden where all the demiurges live. Eden was divided into 3 groups, crafters (Seven Pairs), scholars (assistants to the scholars) and honorables. It had a barter system for a economy and did not have a currency.

The 14th demiurge of the Seven Pairs is named "The Serpent" and was given to make the first intelligent life on Earth to rule it. It made the dinosaurs which was somewhat successful, but due to speaking ill of King Frederick, the Serpent's creations would be eradicated by a meteor.

The Maker then intervened and inserted creatures base on itself (humans) which was seen with generally negative opinion amongst the demiurges. A celebration would be called after this by the King and Queen. During the celebration, they would announce the end of restrictions on celebratory drinks, and 100 demiurges would be chosen to be trained potentially to the level of the Seven Pairs. During this celebration, a terrible incident named Event Nachash would occur.

The Serpent out of anger and envy against the Maker creating humans, led them to the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, giving them additional intelligence. The Serpent would be captured by the King Frederick and sentenced to immortality and the endless desire by humans to kill it. (This could be the origin of SCP-682).

After this, the Maker would punish the humans and the demiurges. Specifically, the demiurges would suddenly feel pain, hunger, disease. While before, they didn't need to eat, they needed to eat now, while still having immortality. Since before they didn't need to eat, Eden could not provide enough food to support life on its own. Anarchy would occur as the demiurges began to attack and cannibalise each other out of desperation. This anarchy is prevalent in the story of Healer Nao and Isaak, taking on the form of a Hyena and Spider respectively. Healer Nao would be forced to escape and using a special formula given to her by Isaak to create a garden that stores her in a statue made out of dissolved tissue of other demiurges and perhaps eventually rebirth her.

Healer Isaak would out of the desperate need to eat, made a tree that produces fruit out of the flesh of others. He justifies his consumption of the demiurges as the judgement of "Honorable (Their class presumably) Heathens" or otherwise traitors against the Maker. He would eventually be captured and banished to Earth.

King Fredrick and Agathos, together with a certain Clovis would create a organization called the 'Furies of ████' with plans to rebel against the Maker due to the unfair treatment they sustained due to the sin of Humans. They would be replaced by Suwaird and Sari. Frederick and Agathos would be sentenced to permanent crucifixion and banished to Earth. Further punishments containing physical mutilation would translate to physical deformities in their Earth form.

Clovis would have a more lenient punishment due to the vagueness of her involvement. While not crucified, she would be banished to Earth as a human and given physical deformities.

After dealing the punishments, Suwaird and Sari would decide that a life in Eden would not be possible any longer after their own acts of violence and gradually Eden would be abandoned by the demiurges as they chose to live on Earth.

Clovis on Earth, would use her knowledge of anomalous powers to interfere in a few events. She would help Candice (Who may have had mutual romantic feelings), a victim of domestic abuse and afterwards executed for being a witch, execute her own judgement after death on her husband Aiden.

Clovis would also interact with child orphan Stuart and they would agree that Clovis would be bound to Stuart forever so as to protect Clovis from being forced to agree to any other agreements. Clovis would teach Stuart the basics of magic. Stuart would then be sent to Haven Harbor Orphanage, owned by the cruel Father Harold Morgan. Haven Harbor is similar to a shopping mall, containing specifically Father Morgan's chapel, the sleeping area for the orphans and the First Hound Bar. Stuart would meet Joey and Espen with a certain mental illness, who has two identity split between his teddy bear (whom he speaks for) and himself.

Father Morgan is revealed to have some knowledge of magic too and performs "psychic surgery" during their

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