Item #: Ouroboros

Context: A page containing one banner for each quarter of this proposal. There are four SCP-001 proposals, all written by djkaktus1 for his universe.

The Proposals are as follows:

  • Part One: The Children: Nine children transformed into an unbelievably powerful weapon, capable of annihilating anything with a command. Buried under concrete in San Marco after the disappearance/destruction of the head of the project that created them.
  • Part Three: Atonement: A humanoid gravitational singularity and ex-Foundation researcher that can control gravity. It looks into the future of the multiverse and sees that soon there will be so many SCPs that containment will be impossible, and all universes will perish. It speaks to the O5 council members and offers to destroy every universe but ours and save humanity at the cost of an infinite number of lives. The council members agree, but SCP-001 reveals that its plan includes killing the O5, since they are anomalous, before being contained.
  • Part Four: The Way It Ends: A series of Tales in which four Chaos Insurgency agents assassinate every O5 member. It ends when he kills O5-1, after which the eponymous "cycle" resets with a new O5 Council and Chaos Insurgency.
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