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"I against my brother, my brothers and I against my cousins, then my cousins and I against strangers."
- Bedouin proverb

Pieces of Mind by Vivax

"It was the first Word. There had been many words before, too many to count, in fact. But they had simply floated along without solid ground. But with the Word, there was a patch of earth upon which to build. And from that one patch of earth grew a mighty forest."
- K. Addard, Assistant Archivist, Library, North-by-North-Western wing

The Tale of the Library by Rumetzen

"Step softly, child. The tiger hungers."
- Ninhurs, daughter of Sidur, after sunset

There Was One, There Was Not One by Gaffney

"As the gates finally began to buckle, the last call to prayer was made. For a single perfect moment, the hammering of the siege engines was drowned out by the cries from a thousand minarets. In every mosque and every church, the imams and priests spoke of worlds left behind and worlds to come. Baghdad, the city of light, jewel of the world, holder of man's knowledge, was at an end.

The next day, the Tigris ran black and red."
-Asin ibn Ma'riya abd al-Alim, c. 1270

Interlude - Scenes From the Fall by Vivax

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A Child to Teach by Pixeltasim

"These scenes included graphic and disturbing imagery, inappropriate language, and nihilistic ideas harmful to the development of a healthy adolescent mind. Whether or not these insertions were deliberate or in error is immaterial; many of of these young ladies have suffered significant and ongoing psychological distress. We are seeking redress not for purposes of material gain, but in the interest of justice for these poor girls."
- Thomas Zimmerman, Esq., quoted in the New York Times, November 14th, 2011

Interlude - The Faraday Girls by Rumetzen

"every story someday comes to an end."
- Note in the margins of A Song of the Dry Sea, Vol. XI. Date unknown

The End by Gaffney

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