Old Man In The Sea Hub
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Far away from the light and sound of the city, a lone man on an island of steel and glass stands and looks through a great telescope. He wonders, wonders about the great many things that reside in the night sky, of the stars and space in between. He wonders about the great many things about which he used to wonder, about the falling stars and the sometimes-stars and the stars that were always moving. He wonders, watching as a small little speck of light shifts slightly, flickering out and reappearing in the blink of an eye. He had wondered once, as a child, why some of the great bright stars twinkled in the night sky. And now, he wonders again.

Deep below the island of hard metal that floats heavily on the waves, a fallen star stirs in its slumber.

Within the star, a people rises.

And from without the star, a new life bursts forth.

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