Mr. Doggo

Mr. Doggo

Laconic Summary: Mr. Doggo is a dog with an irramovable collar reading "Mr. Doggo, by Gamers Against Weed". He vocalizes differently from other dogs and affects information about him.

Traits: When Mr. Doggo barks, he sounds like a human saying "Bork". If you know about him, he replaces the word "dog" with "doggo" if he's within close proximity. This will last for about a week. This can be reset by encountering him after it has stopped. Mr. Doggo is in a private doghouse with a member of the Serpent's Hand.

Nature: Mr. Doggo acts like a normal dog but is somewhat smarter, and understands quite a few phrases.1 He has made attempts to remove his collar, all of which have met with failure; many believe he is a spirit trapped in an unfitting vessel.

Origin: Mr. Doggo was created by GoI "Gamers Against Weed" as a "Mister"2 Somebody going by the alias of "jockjamsvol6" brought Mr. Doggo to the attention of the Serpent's Hand. Mr. Doggo was found at a dog pound and was adopted.

Approach: Approach Mr. Doggo with respect and caution. Ler him get used to you and don't make suspicious movements. Giving him meat-containing treats and offering new squeaky toys are suggested ways of befriending Mr. Doggo. Mr. Doggo will respond to "Mr. Doggo" or any other name containing "Mr." or "Doggo".

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