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By Anaxagoras, Illustration by SunnyClockwork

Once, there was a time where we thought mankind would never go back to living in fear. Not anymore. That was a time in the past, where a total containment failure was a matter of concern beyond office cooler talk, and when the deaths of thousands was a tragedy rather than an achievement. This is a world where one statement displeasing an egotistical few can get your ass booted out of reality.

Welcome to a world without logic. A place of much pain, torment, with an extra helping of shock and awe. This is a Foundation that has failed without knowing, where inmates run the asylum and the last man has flown over the cuckoo's nest.

This is the land of lolfoundation.

What the hell happened? Once upon a time, there was a man named Fritz. Good ol' Fritz was a reality bender, and one who knew what he was doing. The Foundation, being the folks they are, made a good effort to catch and contain him. But, as the story goes, either somebody made a mistake, or made a deal. Maybe a little of both. Either way, armed with Level 4 knowledge, Fritz scooped up everything we thought we knew, twisted, wormed, and cracked the very fabric of reality over his knee. Most of his jailers died in an instant, but some were to survive… in a way.

A few men and women became reality benders, without the awareness coming with the power. Their will folded an apocalyptic event into a VK-Class reality restructuring event, where the anomalous became normal, and everything right is wrong again.

Now, the world is a product of their minds. They control the Foundation, and in fact the rest of the known universe, by pure force of ego. This is lolfoundation with consequences, but of course they'll never be felt by the staff themselves. Maybe a couple hundred researchers get killed, or you bomb the Statue of Liberty, but that's life. You just deal with it.

Laws of this canon:

1. The Foundation is run by the senior staff author avatars, who are reality benders suffering from a cognition altering effect. They cannot see the terrible consequences of their actions. While to them, it's silly fun stuff everyone loves, in reality the world is in anarchy.

2. Reality has been folded to the point where the anomalous is normal. People can be living an ordinary life one moment and be smote by the vengeance of Clef the next. Almost nobody in the world remembers the way things were before, and they can't see what's really happening either. The world hasn't been destroyed, but society is more or less just acting out the motions. This isn't to say you should write random shit, but don't be afraid to break the rules for how some characters usually act. On the flip side, don't mischaracterize the shit out of characters for no good reason.

3. The Foundation is a captive audience for the reality avatars. Some might remember the way things used to be, but most are blindly led by the senior staff and instilled with the old Foundations talking points.


Site-19: The main site for the Foundation. This is the headquarters of all the senior staff, and the hub of all their activity. Its location shifts with their will, and basically functions like the site in Eberstrom's proposal with fewer anomalies and more shenanigans. However you might imagine a site where Kondraki would be allowed to have a 682 rodeo, this'd be it.

The Outland: What you could call "flyover country." While the major SS members are having their shenanigans around the major sites and populated areas, those who aren't in favor with the main Senior Staff regime are roaming the countryside, minding their business and trying not to incur the wrath of the Clefs and Kondrakis of the world… with varying success. You might find some ordinary people working in bombed out office buildings and living in the crumbling ruins of a place they called home.

Feel free to write up any additional locations you make in your stories!


The Senior Staff: The author avatar characters, now turned into reality benders. They passively change the world around them to be what they want it to be: Praising them, and encouraging their exploits. They spend their days interacting with various skips and each other, in the coolest way that they can imagine.

Groups Of Interest: Most of the classic groups of interest will be going by their original motivations:

  • Global Occult Coalition: Destroy! Destroy! KILL! Also used as cannon fodder, similar to the Chaos Insurgency.
  • Serpent's Hand: Spies who infiltrate the Foundation and steal humanoids, destroy stuff sometimes.
  • Chaos Insurgency: Their agents more or less apparate out of nowhere whenever the senior staff feel a need to have any sort of antagonist.
  • Church of the Broken God: Heretics that have spies that infiltrate the Foundation to get their "pieces of God" back. Can also be used as cannon fodder.
  • Are We Cool Yet?: Skips with this phrase tend to be artsy and destroy stuff a lot.
  • Unusual Incidents Unit: Bumbling buffoons.

Other groups of interest don't have obvious ways to act for lolfoundation… maybe somebody could write a story about them? ;)

SCPs: The senior staff weren't the only ones to be given reality bending powers. The well known SCP articles, like 076 and 682, can also reinforce their badassery in the real world through perception. Of course, this means we encourage the articles more well known to be used in this canon, but this doesn't mean you can't use newer stuff if you think of a good way to use it.



Canon Stories

Please add tales in order of posting, unless it's a sequel or prequel to an existing story, in which case it should be listed as:

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