Lily's Proposal

Item #: Lily's Proposal

Object Class: Unnecessary

Laconic Containment Procedures: It doesn't need to be contained. When it arrives, all Foundation personnel get be honorably discharged, and non-hostile humanoid SCPs may be released. Specially-bred instances of SCP-514 (doves that calm people and disable weapons) are to be released worldwide. AI systems will take care of everything else.

Laconic Description: An event that will happen 24 hours before the death of all life on Earth. When it begins, beautiful flowers will bloom across the world, weather conditions will clear, pollution will disappear, and the entire population of Earth will become aware of the fate of the Earth and be at ease with it.

Additional Context: Lily's Proposal is based on the song "The World's Gone Beautiful" by Malvina Reynolds, as it is the direct namesake of the article.

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