ID: KTE-2013-Kapala-Mendes

Laconic Description: KTE-2013-Kapala-Mendes is composed of seven crudely-fashioned spears that generate extradimensional portals that are sized and timed proportional to how many spears are present. Entities collectively known as KTE-2013-Ragweed-Mendes can emerge from these portals.

Each artifact also has their own unusual properties shared by them all & unusual properties unique to that specific artifact.

Laconic Engagement: The spears are immune to liquidation attempts. Also, don't touch them. If you touch them, you'll be liquidated.

The Global Occult Coalition has agreed with the Foundation to keep KTE-2013-Kapala-Mendes under long-term containment as 'Blackbox' items until the Coalition discovers an effective solution to liquidating them.

Laconic History: Six out of the seven artifacts were retrieved by the Foundation from a raid on a cult. They are believed to still be in possession of KTE-2013-Golf.

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