I.H.Pickman's Proposal

Item #: I.H.Pickman's Proposal

Object Class: Archon1

Laconic Containment Procedures: A team is to keep studying it at Sloth's Pit. If an SCP-001-X instance shows up, neutralize it as soon as possible.

Laconic Description: One or more SCP Wiki authors and their actions on the SCP Foundation fictional universe. Unlike Swann's Proposal, this SCP-001 is noted to be more light-hearted and ironic. Their narratives can change via someone speaking with awareness of literary tropes like "you and what army?" or "What's the worst that could happen?

SCP-001-X instances are any harmful or malignant narrative that appears as a result of using tropes too much.

Additional Context: The article is written in a Tale format, following researchers trying to piece together their discoveries at Sloth's Pit, Wisconsin, a location rife with narrative anomalies and a central part of the S & C Plastics Canon.

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