He Who Screws With Reality

Tale: He Who Screws With Reality

Summary: The Foundation contains a reality bender named Samuel Veras, who is interviewed by the Site Director, Dr. Allan Weathers. Over the course of the interview Dr. Weathers discloses knowledge of S. Andrew Swann’s Proposal and the author of the tale itself, NagirosNagiros. Samuel reacts violently to the suggestion there is a higher power than him but is rendered helpless when the author restrains him. Dr. Weathers then demonstrates the ability to speak in bold, red text, implying he has a special connection with the author. Dr. Weathers tells Samuel that if an article is written about him on the official database, it will probably be deleted and he will be shifted out of reality. He offers to avoid documenting Samuel and the reality bender agrees. The tale ends with Dr. Weathers saying goodbye to the readers.

Additional Context: The author, NagirosNagiros, is planning on using Dr. Weathers in a story appearing throughout her articles. He has been featured in Automated Passive Amnestization System Ver. 17.09; more appearances are planned.

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