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Yeah, actually… it was a bad idea. I removed the image.

by Agent Jack07Agent Jack07, 25 Jan 2020 10:15

I fully agree with Agent Sinon. If you have read an SCP and want to explain it, do not hesitate to publish it here.

I started reading all the SCPs to finish Series 1. Yes, I'm masochistic.

Re: hey i'm here now by Agent Jack07Agent Jack07, 24 Jan 2020 18:43

Nah, dude, you just gotta post. We need some help in finishing Series I, so if you've got the time just post new entries and we'll check them fro mistakes and all. I and AgentJack07 have been here for a while, so we're always updating here.

Re: hey i'm here now by Agent SinonAgent Sinon, 24 Jan 2020 17:23

i don't know if i'm supposed to say i posted this somewhere but i made this because i had to read through the whole thing because an scp-5000 entry linked to it and i thought it was important

hey i'm here now by GeoLikesLogicGeoLikesLogic, 22 Jan 2020 19:43

Hi. I don't know if we should add images to the articles here. I think it could spoil some of the originals and, after all, this is just an "insentive", if you like, to read the originals.

by Agent SinonAgent Sinon, 14 Jan 2020 18:38

It's da gay bomb, BAYBEEEEEEEEEEE

by Agent SinonAgent Sinon, 10 Jan 2020 17:41

Hey can you shorten it down, it makes meh head dizzy when i read it

Umm by DastankyboiDastankyboi, 29 Oct 2019 22:49


by DastankyboiDastankyboi, 09 Sep 2019 15:07

When will the next scp contest be?

When will the next one be by DastankyboiDastankyboi, 06 Sep 2019 20:40

Its beautiful… *sniff sniff* *cries*

*sniff* by DastankyboiDastankyboi, 05 Sep 2019 19:58

Added in a new rate module

Edits by DastankyboiDastankyboi, 03 Sep 2019 20:00

I cant make them all you know

by DastankyboiDastankyboi, 23 Aug 2019 17:18

And i said that the blinds were open

My screen only shows a dot when opening the “random SCP” bar

Theres just a dot. by DastankyboiDastankyboi, 23 Aug 2019 17:14

Did you just compliment your own abridgment of your own SCP article

“The weak seek to survive, the strong seek to live.”

by ItsDenaliItsDenali, 21 Jul 2019 20:54

Yeah so i see some people saw this scp page and wanted to be updated with it and thats good feel free to check weekly or whatever


Hello again by Crusader_LewdCrusader_Lewd, 02 Jul 2019 16:34
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