The First Fifty-Five

Tale: The First Fifty-Five

Summary: An interview with Douglas Pangwar, the former commander of SCP Foundation Orbital Task Force ग-3. He explains what happened from the Foundation's perspective after the Departure. O5-10 was the only O5 commander that survived. None of the other groups in space knew what had happened and didn't react violently towards any other group. Some Forks containing SCPs were lost to containment breaches.

This period immediately after is called the Recovery. UN forces on the moon rescued civilians. Most of the Foundation ships were fine but the rest of the groups' ships were stranded. The GOCS Yeager was recovered, as well as the GRU's Nikolai Fyodorov by the Foundation and the GOC. Douglas went on this mission. The ship was near the Asteroid Belt and it took 7 hours to locate it. Douglas explains the fear that the people had and recounts a time when he was in hospital, when they heard a Chinese women sob into a radio for a day and a half until the signal cut out. They maintained the veil to the civilians.

Douglas then admits that they left the Fyodorov to die. Apparently the GRU had received orders to assume Foundation responsibility for the Departure and the captain shut off the oxygen for the rest of the ship, locking himself in the bridge. He then activated the ship's psionic anomalies that resulted in massive injuries for the crew trying to rescue them. Eventually, the ship was fired upon and 55 people in total died that mission.

Additional Context: The 1st Tale in the "Straight On Till Morning" canon

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