Q: What is this site about?

A: You enjoy the SCP Foundation, right? Have you been stumped because of an SCP, or wondering what it was all about? Or why the Foundation did things? Maybe story elements flew right over you, or you didn't know the context for an article. This site is for you!

Think TVTropes's Laconic. Or Reddit's Explain Like I'm Five. Or Cliffnotes. Etc.. You get the idea! This is not meant to be a replacement for the SCP Wiki in any sort of fashion; rather, it's a supplement. If you use this site as a replacement, you'll miss out on many intricate stories, details, worldbuilding, characters, etc..

Q: Can anyone write/edit these?

A: Yes! Much like the site itself, this is a collaborative creative writing project. Anyone can post articles, anyone can edit other articles, and anyone can comment in the discussion thread for each article to suggest changes or leave comments and whatnot.

Q: If we write these summaries, what should we keep in mind?

A: Articles on the SCP Wiki range from simple to highly complex. While some articles are written with the intention of being straightforward and immediately comprehensible, others are not. Some are intended to be subtle or mysterious: to leave the reader with questions; to be open to interpretation; to say just enough that what is implied but unsaid becomes unsettling, whatever it's interpreted to be.

Therefore, SCP Explained isn't a site for answers. When you write explained/summary articles, don't always write with answers in mind or solutions figured out. The purpose of these articles is to help inform the reader so they can understand an article and know what's going on so that they can then go from there and draw their own conclusions, not to give the answers 100% of the time. Please keep that in mind as you write and edit articles here.

All that said; you don't have to avoid answers/explanations on every article especially since, for this kind of site, that can become an inevitability in places. A particularly good example would be of any author commentary from The Leak, where authors provide their explanations on what's going on with their works. Even if you want to apply Death of the Author, this is still valid to pull from.

Q: What are the rules of this site?

A: Same as the rules on the mainsite. As far as other rules go; don't use this site to post an SCP of yours on here. Only post articles that correspond to stuff on the mainsite.

Q: So what template are we supposed to use?

A: For SCPs:

**Item #:** [[[http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-xxxx | SCP-XXXX]]]

**Laconic Containment Procedures:** [text]

**Laconic Description:** [text]

**Additional Context:** [optional]

B: For Joke SCPs

**Item #:** [[[http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-xxxx-j | SCP-XXXX-J]]]

**Joke:** [text]

**Additional Context:** [optional]

C: For Tales

**Tale:** [[[http://www.scp-wiki.net/talename | Tale Name]]]

**Summary:** [text]

**Additional Context:** [optional]

Keep in mind that additional context refers to its history with the site, its creation, etc.. It's not primarily to be used for additional facts/interpretations of an article, and not every article needs additional context provided.

Tag all SCPs as "scp" and with their class, all tales as "tale", all GoI formats as "goi-format", no quotation marks.

Q: Is this an official site by SCP Wiki staff?

A: Though the idea and its creation came from DecibellesDecibelles, with DexanoteDexanote helping to run it, it's not an official site, no more than SCPClassic is.

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