__Fourteen__ Thirteen

Tale: __Fourteen__ Thirteen

Summary: This tale follows the perspective of Randale, an extradimensional demiurge out of 777 others created by the overarching deity called the "the Maker". They all take the form of common animals and are able to shift their form. He aided in the creation of the Heavens and the Earths.

One day, the King and Queen of Eden (where the demiurges lived), Fredrick and Agathos called for a celebration and announced a gift for the demiurges for their service. Randale wonders if the gift will be similar to what the Seven Pairs received, the first 14 demiurges made by the Maker who received training directly from him.

The demiurges gather at the Gathering Pit, and we receive a recollection of one of the members of the Seven Pairs called the Serpent and we learn the Seven Pairs were tasked to design life on Earth. The Serpent (presumably) made the dinosaurs, which was then tested by King Fredrick with a meteorite, wiped out and hence failed. The Maker then intervened and inserted its own creation based on itself, creating humans.

Returning back to the actual event, King Fredrick announced the gift to be ceaseless access to celebratory drinks from the "fountains". Furthermore, 100 demiurges would be chosen to be trained.

Halfway through the King's speech, he is informed publically that the humans ate from the tree of the knowledge of good or evil, resulting in general panic and worry. Apparently the tree was kept inaccessible from the humans, so Randale deduced someone must have helped them. Randale is then chosen to be one of the 100.

The Serpent is then caught as the person that led the humans to the tree, and punished by King Fredrick to be immortal, unable to create and endlessly targeted for death by humans. This is likely the origin for SCP-682.

The Maker would then punish the humans and demiurges, and while the demiurges still had immortality, they felt pain, hunger and disease. Previously, they did not have to eat and thus Eden was not self sufficient with food to sustain all 777 demiurges, resulting in anarchy. The King and Queen raised up a rebellion against the Maker which garnered a lot of support.

Randale discusses with Huesic, one of the Seven Pairs and his creator about the correct stance to take and concludes that they should escape to Earth. They agree.

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