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It was said that in ancient times, as it is today, that there were a great many expunged that walked the world - not all creatures of flesh and blood, but machines, objects, places, even words and ideas, that knew not the laws of man nor God and caused great ruination and confusion wherever they roamed. To protect all men, believer and heathen alike, the Ancient Temple was founded, to secure, contain, and protect those terrors that threatened the safety of all.

But this, the saints say, was the sin of the Ancients; not that they did not fear what might come to pass if they were careless, but that they feared it too much. For they kept the secrets of the expunged to themselves, saying to themselves 'Man is a timid and superstitious animal; if he knows that these things exist, he will be consumed by terror and chaos will reign around the world. Let us do our work in secret, then, and let none learn of these things, that they may live unafraid.'

But no secret can be kept forever; and in time, many others learned that the expunged existed, and rather than being fearful, they became covetous of the Ancient Temple, and created their own heathen temples, seeking to make and take such things for themselves. And from this conflict arose the Great Breach; and when the masses of the expunged found themselves loosed at once upon the world, a world which knew not that such things could exist and stood against them like a leaf stands against the hurricane, then no stone was left atop another.

And when the flames had passed, those priests of the Ancient Temple who yet lived saw a world that would never again be as it had been before. And they said to themselves, 'What shall we do now? Mankind has no chance to regain what he has lost if the knowledge of how to combat the expunged dies with us. How can we few ever undo such a great calamity?'

And they saw the Lord Bright approach them; and a great commotion arose through the crowd, for they thought Him dead. And the Lord spoke with a great voice, and He said; 'Shut the fuck up for ten seconds and I'll tell you.'

-Everett 1:1-9

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