djkaktus's Proposal III Story "The End"

Item #: djkaktus's Proposal III

Object Class: Principalis1

Laconic Containment Procedures: The Overseer Council, or O5 Council, has declared the containment of SCP-001 essential.

Laconic Description: "To know the nature of SCP-001 is to know the nature of the Foundation," followed by a conversation between Adam and the Serpent and a serial Tale in which a Chaos Insurgency member assassinates every O5 Council member one by one. They succeed, leading to the formation of a new O5 Council and Chaos Insurgency.

The second to last page of the proposal showcases the same list of Overseers as the first page, but when clicked on, all of them appear blank except for O5-1, Calvin Lucien, also known as "The Usurper." Opening this file leads the reader back to the lighter theme of the Foundation. In the epilogue, Calvin arrives at Site-108 and meets with the new director, Director House, exchanging pleasantries and informing him of a situation that is still being processed. He asks to be informed when O5-2 arrives, then heads to a side conference room to meet with the damage control team.

In the conference room, it is revealed that a plane crash caused the deaths of eleven people and the loss of several anomalous artifacts. The Insurgency claims responsibility and releases a video admitting to the act. In the video, a man who Calvin recognizes as a slightly older Adam berates Calvin. Then, he picks up a sledgehammer and destroys an anomalous artifact and calls upon the members of the Reborn Insurgency to take up arms against the Foundation. Adam claims that he is acting against fascists and tyrants, and blames Calvin for the deaths caused by the Insurgency. He also accuses Calvin of betraying him, Anthony, Delta, and Olivia, mentioning that the creature Calvin is masquerading as Olivia is not her.

Adam leaves Calvin with. "I am Vengeance. I am Wrath."

Later, Calvin meets with the new Overseers and assigns them to their departments. He mentions Olivia, who has become O5-2, but does not look at her. That night, Calvin writes the 001 file for The Way It Ends, keeping all the information about their exploits in the database as a reminder that there is still work to be done. He gives the object class "Principalis." an old GOC classification. He then turns to Olivia, who is now a different person, and asks if she is ready for bed. Olivia responds in a croaking manner saying his name.

In the morning, Olivia was gone, Calvin awakens and dresses for another day. He views the archived files collected from the All-Seeing Eye and puts it on The Way It Ends proposal. The phone on his desk rings, and he answers it.

With that, the story ends.

Calvin's target was to destroy the Foundation, but the O5-1 he had killed was doing the same thing. The Foundation and the Administrator cannot be defeated, but only joined. Calvin understood this and became the new O5-1, renouncing the Insurgency and rebuilding the O5 Council and the Foundation according to his own vision. His former allies from the Insurgency swore revenge for his betrayal, indicating that history might repeat itself.

This is what The Ouroboros Cycle represents: the constant threat and the change of leadership that accompanies it. The Foundation, the Administrator, and the O5 Council will always exist. Only the names and faces will change, whether it's Calvin Lucien or Aaron Siegel. The wheel will keep turning, the snake will keep consuming its tail, and the Ouroboros Cycle will remain…


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