djkaktus's Proposal III Story 3

Item #: djkaktus's Proposal III

Object Class: Principalis1

Laconic Containment Procedures: Containment of SCP-001 must be accomplished.

Laconic Description: "To know the nature of SCP-001 is to know the nature of the Foundation," which is followed by a link to a series of Tales in which a Chaos Insurgency member assassinates every O5 Council member one by one. In the end he is successful, leading to the formation of a new O5 Council and Chaos Insurgency.

The Ambassador
The Kid
The Nazarene
The Founder

Aaron Siegel better known as O5-1 enters a shaft he exits the elevator and peers through into optical scanner to unlock the steel reinforced door inside is MTF Tau-5 (Samsara), Aaron Siegel refers to these immortal cyborg clones made from the flesh of a dead God as his Red Right Hand

"Your mission is to eliminate the traitor O5-4, and to find the Insurgents who have been killing the members of the Overseer Council" The 4 cyborg clones stand in attention "NOW!" Aaron screams, Aaron Siegel stops for a moment then punches the wall in frustration, he has lost 9 O5 Members to Calvin and his team

The Fourth Overseer

Calvin meanwhile is on a private jet with Adam and Olivia The phone after a conversation with O5-4 The Ambassador discusses his surrender to the Insurgency there is a good chance this is a trap, but Calvin has decided to meet with the Ambassador, Calvin drops off Adam and Olivia in an Insurgency Base, Before leaving though Calvin teams up with Sylvester Sloan who will join him in support, They say goodbye to Adam and Olivia and meet with the Ambassador in South Africa

After landing at Johannesburg Airport, Calvin and Sloan disembark and are lead to a conference room where O5-4 is, Calvin and Sloan sit down across O5-4 to discuss his surrender "The Council is in shambles" Says O5-4 "I want to offer my services and information to the Insurgency in exchange for protection from O5-1 he has lost his mind." Calvin agrees but as soon as they get up gunshots can be heard from down the hall, The Ambassador's eyes open wide in fear "Its too late!"

Calvin and Sloan grab the Ambassador who is still frozen in fear and exits the room, they are getting closer to the plane, Calvin looks over and sees Samsara pursuing them and shoves him down a table, Calvin and Sloan fire back but does only mild damage

The 2 grab O5-4 and they burst through an emergency exit onto the sun baked tarmac they make a dash for the plane, behind them a bullet rips through the chest of Sloan, Samsara has caught up, they are getting closer and closer.

Calvin continues to grab O5-4 to the plane suddenly a metallic child's voice appears on the airports external speakers and says


Bring me Calvin Lucien.

Kill the traitor.

The Samsara soldiers tackle Calvin and O5-4 to the ground when they are just feet away from the plane

Kill the Traitor.

Kill the Traitor.

Kill the Traitor.

The child's voice says, Calvin can only watch helplessly as the Ambassador is violently killed, One of the agents slam Calvin's face causing him to black out.

The Third Overseer

Calvin wakes up in a dark reservoir, he is unsure how much time had past, The only light in the room is a TV Screen with a Red Rotating SCP Seal, The child's voice rang out again and says

Hello Calvin Lucien, My name is The Kid, I am the Third Overseer, You've killed all my friends, and now I will kill all of yours.

The door opens there is a long dimly light hallway, The Kid orders him to proceed, as he walks the Kid's voice echoes throughout the hall and has a little conversation with Calvin

There was once another O5-3, one who could build machines ones that can see into the future, however he did not have the requirements to become an Overseer, that's when I was born…

I was chosen by the other O5 Members to severe my spinal cord in a way to give me the All-Seeing Eye

I now watch everything, I have Perfect Reasoning, Perfect Awareness and Perfect Understanding

Calvin reaches the back of the corridor which opens up into a large chamber Tied up in the middle of the room are Adam and Olivia, Calvin runs to them, A Mechanical suit stands on top of a platform down at the 3 of them, Calvin realizes the Kid must be contained inside

I now sentence you all to death.

the suit says as Soldiers of the Red Right Hand steps out of the shadows and slowly walks towards Calvin, Adam and Olivia, suddenly a flash of light appears and The Black Queen manifests


Shrieks the Kid, The Black Queen gives Calvin the Interdimensional fishing rod that he used to kill O5-5, from out of the tear in space appears a massive multi-armed creature known as Malidrmagiuan Samsara tries to urge the creature to go back to it's dimension but Malidramagiuan is too powerful, it grabs the cyborg clones and pulls them through the tear in reality

As Samsara battles the Malidramagiuan Calvin frees Olivia and Adam, they make a run for the door, suddenly the wall reveals a turret it fires and hits Olivia in the head, killing her Calvin cries out "NO!" Before Calvin can lunge towards Adam, he is hit at the back of the chest.

The Kid and his/her's mechanical suit jumps from the platform, and says I am going to kill you now, Calvin Lucien, There is another flash of light and the Spear of the Non Believer manifests itself infront of Calvin's eyes, Calvin grabs it and shoves it into the Kid's Machine body, it easily penetrates the armor and pins them to the wall.

Calvin walks up to the exoskeleton and tears of the outer plating, inside s a water tank with a malformed Human Fetus, As Calvin sees The true form of the Kid, it he hears the sound of mechanical laughter. Calvin breaks the glass and crushes the Kid with his Bare hands, The room begins to shake, Calvin helps Adam up and puts Olivia's lifeless body onto the back of his shoulders, and they exit the Reservoir.

Calvin grimaces as blood pours out of his bullet hole in his back Calvin Reaches from his pocket to pick up the vial from The Fountain of Youth and pours it down his throat there are only a few drops left, Adam looks up at Calvin tears in his eyes, he says "I love you!" Then passes out from the pain, his wound heals instantly and Calvin calls an Insurgency evac team to pick up Adam.

With Adam safe, he hides Olivia's body in a nearby Cave, He needs to finish this once an for all, He will kill the last 2 O5 members or he will die trying to.

The Second Overseer

Aaron Seigel goes to the place where the Tigris and Euphrates rivers meet, The Garden of Eden, he is in a frenzy due to the assassinations of all of the other O5 Members apart from him and The Nazarene, as he approaches the Garden, he is stopped by The Gate Guardian telling him to leave, but Aaron has no time for this.

the Guardian swings his sword to Aaron who dodges in a flash he grabs a Scranton Reality Anchor, he slams it into the ground the world around him begins to ripple as the Guardian begins to fold in on itself until all that is left is a charred skeleton, he makes a run for the Garden.

He looks for O5-2 The Nazarene, but can't find her anywhere, He finally comes to the Tree of Life where he sees the body of The Nazarene she has taken her own life, this is her anomalous power though, she has died many times before and Death always brought her back, but somehow he knows this is final.

Aaron drops to his knees and screams in frustration, for all the power Aaron Seigel possesses, there is nothing he can do, he sits next to the Nazarene's body for hours hoping for her to wake up, or that he will to figure out it was all a dream, he notices a note in her snowy white hand.


I gave Calvin the vials from The Fountain, I was the one who made The Spear of the Non Believer to manifests infront of Calvin that he used to kill the Kid, I have died many times before and Death always spared me, each time I feel less like myself, less and less like Dr. Sophia Light

I hope that maybe if things would ended up like this, It would give your chance to walk and live the life we might have been able to be together, But I know your fate is to meet with Calvin, and finish things once and for all.


Aaron screams in frustration and clutches the note in his hand, he tries to summon Death, but no one answers Aaron Seigel is alone, he stands up and walks deeper into the Garden, he walks to the spot where not even God's Light reaches, in this desolate land is an impact crater, where an angel has fallen2 in the middle of the crater it the angel's sword, Aaron goes to pick it up and exits the Garden.

Meanwhile Calvin reads the journal the author hopes that the information in it is helpful, he hopes the reader does not use it, he closes the journal and enters Site-01, He had left Olivia's body in a cave promising to her that he will finish this

Inside The main hall of Site-01, he sees a giant SCP Foundation seal, with artistic depictions of certain SCPs he knows are special in some way, the words on the door reads

A race of humanoids worshiping a dead god.

A massive machine sleeping beneath the earth.

Dark and empty eyes.

The faces of animals without names.

A metal suit from a mysterious future.

Towering rows of books stretching into dark infinity.

In the middle is a cyborg clone similar to the members of MTF Tau-5 (Samsara), Calvin approaches and asks the man who he is, he tells him his name is Purpose, The guardian of O5-1and none shall enter unless O5-1 is inside, "He's not here?" Calvin asks, "No, He is" Purpose replies, he steps aside and the door opens.

Calvin sees Him sitting in a table is Aaron Seigel, The Last Overseer, he asks "Are you O5-1?", "Aaron, My name is Aaron" Aaron Seigel replies, Calvin asks where O5-2 is but Aaron doesn't respond, Calvin takes his gun and shoots 5 times, but the bullets froze in time and a flash of light appears and the bullets demanifests.

Calvin screams "Stand up Aaron Seigel!" and pulls out the Spear his response is to laugh, he pulls out the Sword of Lucifer, and lunges towards Calvin

The First Overseer

The sword in Aaron's hand had flashed and the 2 men battle together, their supernatural weapons destroys the room around them, furniture is shattered, video screens vaporized and fire spreads across the walls, Aaron catches Calvin off balance and swings the sword across his stomach Calvin hunches the pain in his midsection.

He brings his head up to see Aaron Seigel approaching him with the fiery sword high in the air, Calvin brings up the spear; from his knees he leans back and launches the spear into Aaron's chest, The spear enters The Final Overseer's Chest, the force of the throw pins him against the wall and drops Lucifer's sword causing it to shatter.

Aaron Seigel tries to pull the spear off from his chest, O5-1 looks at Calvin unbelievingly and coughs "You have no Idea what you've done, It was never about the Overseers, It was the Foundation, It was always the Foundation!", Aaron Seigel says as blood pours out of his mouth and chest, Calvin slowly walks towards Aaron "This is The Way It Ends!" Calvin says, Aaron tries to whisper a word "Sophia…. I'm…"

Aaron Seigel is dead.

Calvin turns to see Purpose standing from behind him "He's dead" Calvin said half to Purpose and Half to him "I killed him" after a moment he asked Purpose: "There's a room in this facility where someone can destroy the Foundation correct?" Purpose responds "Correct." "Take me there" Without hesitation, Purpose leads Calvin back towards the door with certain SCPs, There Purpose opens the door to an elevator but stops Calvin before he can get inside Purpose says "Once you step inside this elevator, There is no going back" Calvin nods yes and the elevator descends.

The elevator opens the door to reveal a room with bookcases, a giant window offering a beautiful view, and TV Screens depicting how he killed all the other O5 Members, In the middle of the room is a computer, Calvin sits on the chair as the computer comes to life the computer needs to scan his fingerprint which it accepts and the computer turns on

The screen displays numerous computer screens and he quickly realizes that they are all SCP Foundation sites, Site-19, Site-77, and Site-42, They filled every available inch of glowing LEDs, until every surface of earth was a Foundation site.

Then, a single option appeared on the screen on his desk.


Calvin reaches out from his finger once he presses this button, The Foundation will be no more his fingers are just a hair strand away when, The phone rang, On the 5th ring Calvin picked it up

"Hello?" He says The voice on the other end responds "Hello Calvin Lucien My name is The Administrator, Congratulations are in order", Calvin hesitates and asks for Fredrick Williams, The voice says that Fredrick wasn't the original Administrator since O5-1 killed him.

The Administrator says "Please listen That man you just killed was once in the same position that you are in now, It was a very long time ago, But Aaron Seigel actually wanted to destroy the Foundation; That was until I convinced him not to And now like Aaron you will become the new head of the Foundation", "Like hell I will!" yells Calvin "I could Hang up and be done with all of this!"

"You could continues The Administrator, But if no one is in charge of the Foundation, millions will die if not billions and then nobody will be there manage what comes after" There is silence from Calvin "That's what I thought" Says the Administrator, "Cheer up Mr. Lucien, I look forward to working with you Calvin Lucien or should I say… O5-1?" The line goes dead.

There is silence but the clock keeps ticking until the phone begins to ring, on the 7th ring Calvin picks it up

In the Site-01 File Reserve all Overseers from 13 to 2 are all Vacant, with the names O5-3 to -2 - VACANT but on O5-1 says

O5-1 - The Usurper

Caucasian Male, Formerly Calvin Lucien.

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