djkaktus's Proposal III Story 2

Item #: djkaktus's Proposal III

Object Class: Principalis1

Laconic Containment Procedures: Containment of SCP-001 must be accomplished.

Laconic Description: "To know the nature of SCP-001 is to know the nature of the Foundation," which is followed by a link to a series of Tales in which a Chaos Insurgency member assassinates every O5 Council member one by one. In the end he is successful, leading to the formation of a new O5 Council and Chaos Insurgency.

The Lesser
The American

The Eighth Overseer

Calvin Lucien leads the Killsquad team through the mud and freezing rain, in front of them is the castle of O5-8, Baron Leeman Hoadley, upon reaching the castle, the structure is in ruins the fortress was supposed to be impenetrable They storm the castle, as they turn the corner they see the charred skeletons of Baron's Bodyguards.

They make their way to O5-8's room laying by a lit fireplace is O5-8's body, They scan the room to make sure a killer isn't still here with them Adam inspects the body he realizes that Hoadley wasn't killed at all, he sees that Baron's body has been drastically modified using anomalous technology

The O5 Member used his Immortality to modify almost every part of his body to make him stronger, but after the O5 Council's deal with death was broken by Calvin His Body modifications became the only thing that tore him apart.

The Seventh Overseer

Calvin receives intel from The Insurgency That O5-7 is in a small town in Cambodia, The Killsquad makes their way to the village, since Green arrived in the area there have been non-stop chaos, she has destabilized the governments and now the area is in an all out war, The team weaves through narrow passageways between houses and buildings, trying to make their way to Green

Suddenly a mob starts to form, they are getting closer and closer to the Killsquad in a quick decision to avoid being seen, Calvin orders them into a near by building before Anthony can go, the mob spots him and he is forced to flee, the team watch as the mob chases after Anthony, Calvin slowly opens the door The coast is clear, suddenly a gas can filled with sleeping gas enters through the door the team falls asleep

When they wake up they are tied up in a large room with marble vaulted ceilings O5-7 is standing infront of Calvin She smiles while holding a knife O5-7 points toward Adam and Olivia and asks Calvin for one of them to die, if he doesn't she'll kill the leader of the rioters and plunge another part of the Country into chaos

Calvin yells "Screw You!", "Very well, have it your way" utters Green, She assassinates the leader being held in her compound then turns back to Calvin, She threatens to Torture Calvin's team until he makes a decision, Green slashes Adam's cheek with her knife when Calvin screams "Torture me instead" Green just smiles

She reaches into the air with her knife above Calvin's Head before she can plunge the knife in his head, a bullet rips through her hands causing her to drop her knife, Anthony kneels on a rooftop near a courtyard smoking sniper rifle still pointing at Green who runs, Calvin uses the Knife to cut his ropes and Chases after Green She boards a helicopter it lifts off as Anthony fires but does no damage

The Mob became restless and someone fires a rocket at the fleeing helicopter, it hits the tail causing it to crash as the crowd flees, Calvin goes to the wreckage at the same time Anthony does, Calvin thanks him for saving his life a gunshot rings out and a bullet rips through Anthony's neck Calvin turns around and sees the charred remains of Green in her burnt hand she holds a gun.

She fires another bullet ripping Anthony's Chest and he falls to the ground, Calvin turns to shoot Green But she is already dead, He pulls Anthony over as blood pours over his neck and chest Calvin pours a vial From The Fountain of Youth No says Anthony "I've lived long enough, thank you my friend".

Adam And Olivia are surprised to see Calvin holding the lifeless body of Anthony tears from his eyes the team holds a small ceremony for Anthony they know their work is not finished yet, They now need to track O5-6

The Sixth Overseer

Kowalski informs Them that O5-6 is still aware of they're after him His name is The American named as such because he has the power of the entire US Military in his fingertips The Killsquad Scouts the base where Rufus King O5-6 is Kowalski warns them of a crate that was recently brought from Site-19

The next day They're spotted by a drone and forced to flee in their jeep, Infront of them lands a helicopter a Humvees roar The team is surrounded, A Jeep pulls out and O5-6 steps out, He introduces himself as Rufus King, The Sixth Overseer, "Thanks to you I've lost my immortality and can no longer protect the United States anymore" Says Rufus "But I'm willing to make a deal, your freedom For The Spear of the Non Believer. Rumor has it that you have the spear in your possession That you used to kill The Archivist, You give me the spear, I'll let you go", says The American

"No" replies Calvin, "I will never give an Overseer the means to cause more destruction, The spear stays with us", "Very well" The American says with a frown "Then I suppose my only other option is to take it from you, but not without giving you a fair chance, Run Calvin Lucien Run as fast as you can, Because I will be coming for you", The American turns and walks towards a container from Site-19 being lowered from a Helicopter

Calvin sprints back into the jeep with the rest of his team, As they drive away they hear a horrible guttural, screech from whatever was inside that container. The army begins to pursue them, out in front of the military force is O5-6 Riding SCP-682. he uses a black whip to urge the creature forward they are gaining towards them suddenly a man named Father Bramimond, Bramimond's skin bulges and seems to be moving from within, The infection known as SCP-610 erupts out of him and onto the soldiers nearby 610 infects and consumes everyone O5-6 begins fighting off SCP-610 on the back of 682

Oliva pulls out her rifle aims and fires it hits his chest he is flung of the back of the skeleton of SCP-682 and begins to drown in the sea of 610 subjects suddenly Calvin stops standing infront of them is a man in black suit and bowtie

The Fifth Overseer

He introduces himself as Blackbird, O5-5 According to the journal, his real name is Mortimer J. Denning Von Kronecker, He stands infront of the jeep with a menacing grin, "You have been causing a lot of trouble" says The Blackbird, Olivia swings her gun around, "Please my dear that won't help you" Von Kronecker He pulls out a knife and stabs himself through the neck, he falls to the ground dead, there is a gust of wind, a whiff of ozone, and an identical copy, and still very much alive Von Kronecker lands next to his own body, "See what I mean? come with me; I have something to show you".

Seeing no other option, Calvin, Olivia and Adam exit the jeep and follow Blackbird as they walk The world changes around them, the mountains fade into blackness and finds themselves in a near-apocalyptic London, "Oh it's good to be home" Says The Blackbird, "You cannot stop The Overseers' plans, However I can give you an alternative, Lets see if any of you take it."

Infront of each Insurgency Member is a door, they have an uncontrollable urge to open their respective door and walk through, Calvin Oliva and Adam open their doors and pass through

Adam appears in a Home in Portland in this universe his family has been granted asylum, Adam never has to interact with any SCPs or the Foundation he is free to live a normal life, from the kitchen comes Calvin wearing an apron, holding a steaming pot, "In this reality your parents and siblings are still alive, also the man you love, loves you back, Wouldn't that be nice?"

Olivia appears in a yacht with a canvas and art supplies, The man that Olivia once loved is on a boat in disbelief, she cries in happiness, "In this world you didn't accidentally kill him, This is your happily ever after, Wouldn't that be nice?"

Calvin is in a grassy clearing near a lake where is mother once drowned, "In this world I'm going to give you a chance to save your mother Calvin Lucien", "No this isn't real!" replies Calvin, Blackbird just cackles, towards the treeline he could just make out a hooded figure, Calvin walks towards it, Black bid follows and says "I was only trying to help!" The figure hands Calvin a tube and inside is a pair of glasses, he puts them on and turns to look at the Blackbird, instead of The Blackbird he is now a winged pseudo-avian monster.

The figure urges Calvin to open the tube again, inside is an interdimensional fishing hook by Dr. Wondertainment and a white whiffle baseball bat Calvin grabs the fishing line and wraps it around O5-5's leg, he flies trying to get away from Calvin, But Calvin wraps the other end of the fishing line around his hand, The Blackbird hops in dimension from dimension trying to get rid of Calvin

They appear in the deck of SCP-455 in Site-19 Where SCP-682 Walks freely in the dead world of SCP-2935, every time they stop in a new dimension tho, Calvin takes the opportunity to hit The Blackbird with the baseball bat, it seems its slowly weakening the monster

They Finally appear in the bottom of a deep well Foundation containment site where the darkbody of SCP-001 is contained standing there is Alison Chao, LS, Dr. Gears' Daughter or The Black Queen "You!" cries the Blackbird "You are the one who's been helping Lucien!" The Black Queen nods her head.

"Yes I have been helping Calvin to eliminate you and the Other Overseers, The Foundation must fall", "YOU ARE NOTHING! YOU CAN'T STOP ME!! I AM THE BLACK KING!!!" screams O5-5, Alison Chao sighs and shuts down the array containing SCP-001 "NO STOP!" shrieks the Blackbird, The room begins to shake, The Blackbird continues to scream as it appears to fold in on itself and then blinks out of existence

Alison then reactivates the containment array, sealing 001 away again she returns Calvin and his team back to earth, There is a flash of light and Calvin, Adam and Olivia appears to be in a private jet, They don't know how they got there but O5-5 is dead.

- Part 3 -

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