djkaktus's Proposal III Story 2

Item #: djkaktus's Proposal III

Object Class: Principalis1

Laconic Containment Procedures: The Overseer Council, or O5 Council, has declared the containment of SCP-001 essential.

Laconic Description: "To know the nature of SCP-001 is to know the nature of the Foundation," followed by a conversation between Adam and the Serpent and a serial Tale in which a Chaos Insurgency member assassinates every O5 Council member one by one. They succeed, leading to the formation of a new O5 Council and Chaos Insurgency.

The Lesser
The American

The Eighth Overseer

The info box describes O5-8 as being former American industrialist Baron Leeman Hoadley, a man made wealthy due to his relation to his brother, Garrison Hoadley. He was once the unofficial leader of the Council, being by far its wealthiest member and largest financier, but his wealth dried up after his brother’s death and leadership of the Council fell to O5-7. He is apparently obsessed with modifying his body with anomalous technology.

The Coward In The Castle

A phone is ringing. Aaron and Arians visit a church in San Marco, Mexico where The Children were taken from. They hear noises from The Broken God in the distance, and Aaron has visions of The Children calling out to him from below. As they approach the church, a man laughs from inside as the door is thrown open.

Calvin Lucien and his team find a castle owned by Baron Leeman Hoadley, O5-8. They find the castle in ruins and storm in, finding charred skeletons of Baron's bodyguards. They eventually find Baron's body, which has been modified using anomalous technology. It turns out the Baron had used his immortality to make himself stronger, but when Calvin broke the deal with Death, Baron's body couldn't handle it and he died. The team decides to camp in the fortress until morning.

That night, the group discusses their past missions, and Anthony brings books to help them study their opponents. Adam asks Anthony about his age and background, and Anthony reveals that he has been a member of the Insurgency since its beginning and has used anomalous means to extend his life. Anthony also reveals that the Engineer, a figure the Insurgency looks up to, is a lie and betrayed the Insurgency for the Foundation. Calvin admits to having tasted the water from the Fountain of Youth, which can cure wounds and extend life, but at the cost of the vibrance of the senses. Anthony tells Calvin that there's nothing wrong with being afraid of losing people and that the Insurgency accepts death as part of the natural order of things. Anthony also expresses that he has not been the same person since they defected.

The Seventh Overseer

The Seventh Overseer’s info box does not name her except by her codename, Green. It describes her as being the de-facto leader of the council and having famously uncertain and shifty motives, with her goals being a complete mystery.

The Flytrap

The opening section describe several small scenes. In the first, Anthony is rescuing Adam from his forced labor as a Foundation D-Class. In the second, Aaron delivers a speech to the young Foundation. In the third, Olivia flees from Foundation agents before being scooped up by Calvin. In the fourth, a phone rings, In the fifth, Arians drives away from San Marco as the ground beneath their car shudders from the impact of the Broken God. In the last, Frederick Williams discovers a waterfall that flows upwards, igniting his fixation on the strange and anomalous.

In this chapter, the Insurgency team continues their mission to find and eliminate Green. They travel through a dangerous Southeast Asian forest towards a town where Green is reportedly staying. While trekking, the team encounters several small scenes that give insight into their individual stories and motivations.

Once they arrive in the town, they split up to carry out their plan. Calvin sneaks around and eventually meets up with Vanderveer, another Insurgency agent who provides him with information about the local political turmoil and the reason for Green's arrival - the Kervier Mining Corporation poisoning the nearby river. Olivia and Adam soon join them, but before they can leave the bar, they are stopped by a group of looters.

The Foundation MTF Nine-Tailed Fox appears and gases the team, causing them to be captured. Calvin awakens inside the Governor's Manor where Green has ordered the MTF captain to kill Vanderveer. Green then offers Calvin a choice: her life in exchange for Olivia or Adam's. Calvin refuses, and Green has the captain shoot the revolutionary leader, causing a riot. Green tries to shoot Adam, but Anthony shoots her first. They face off against some revolutionaries before Adam uses The Spear of the Non-Believer to defeat them. Calvin and Anthony shoot at Green's helicopter, which crashes after being hit by a rocket. Jets start bombing the city, so the Insurgents flee through the Governor's Manor. Green shoots Anthony, but he reveals his true identity before dying, his identity at one point was Vincent Arians. Olivia turns Anthony's body into crystal butterflies. The group gets a vehicle from an insurgent and leaves the city.

The Sixth Overseer

O5-6 is described as being American Union Brigadier General Rufus King, a US Civil War general of some renown. He is said as having formed MTF A-1 “Red Right Hand”, as well as being in charge of the department within the Foundation that manages task forces. Additionally, he’s described as being incredibly influential in the US Army, having authority nearly equal to or greater than the US President.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

Aaron and Arians discuss the Foundation's recent actions and how they managed to mobilize an army to fight against The Broken God. Aaron is surprised that the defection of Frederick Williams did not destroy the Foundation. Sophia Light interrupts their conversation and reveals that nobody knows who is really in charge of the Foundation. She also mentions that new containment cells are appearing without warning and that SCP-173 has appeared at Site-19 without anyone putting it there.

Aaron offers to help Sophia, but only if they are allowed to kill whoever is inside Site-01. Sophia is hesitant but eventually agrees. Aaron and Sophia also discuss their past actions, with Sophia feeling betrayed that Aaron did not contact her after the defection. She questions Aaron's motives and desires, as well as Arians'.

The remaining three insurgents are being chased by American troops led by the powerful man named The American. Kowalski, a member of Delta Command, advises retreating, but Calvin wants to stand their ground and fight. Kowalski warns them that the soldiers are carrying a large secure container from Site-19, and advises them to make the Overseer do something stupid rather than simply outsmarting him.

The insurgents find a place to camp for the night, but are spotted by a drone in the morning. They try to escape, but are surrounded by hundreds of vehicles and O5-6. Calvin decides to talk to the Overseer, who introduces himself as Rufus King. King wants the Spear of the Non-Believer, but Calvin refuses to give it up. King decides to let them go, but they will be pursued by the contents of the secure container from Site-19.

Adam confronts Calvin about not giving up the Spear. Calvin reveals that he had the Spear his entire life, having acquired it when he was given the choice to save his mother from an anomalous entity. Calvin turned down the opportunity to save his mother and instead took the Spear from a mysterious individual, who had been standing in the trees the whole time. Calvin also reveals that he stole the Journal from Skitter Marshall by punching him in the face.

Adam shares his past with Calvin and Olivia, revealing that he came from a village where people were infected by a dangerous anomaly called SCP-610. Later, The American chases them with the creature known as SCP-682, but Father Bramimond, who was also infected by 610, releases many more instances of the anomaly that attack both The American's forces and 682. The three manage to escape, and Olivia shoots The American. They then discuss the next Overseer, the Blackbird, but they stop after seeing a man in a suit with a bowtie who identifies himself as O5-5.

The Fifth Overseer

A British/Moroccan man of unknown age, the Blackbird’s info box reveals he’s the most jovial of the Overseers and enjoys a good laugh. Despite this, the journal notes many uncertain and queer inconsistencies with the Overseer’s backstory, leading many to speculate as to his origins.

What the Blackbird Saw

In a flashback, Adam, Calvin, Olivia, and Anthony have a discussion about the Chaos Insurgency and its creation of an extremely dangerous weapon called The Children. The group reflects on a division that arose within the Insurgency, with some believing that creating The Children was a necessary action to create a safer world, while others saw it as an unforgivable act. Anthony, in particular, feels that the Foundation is fundamentally corrupt and willing to commit terrible acts for the sake of science. He reveals that a former member of the Foundation named Aaron Siegel has defected, and that the Foundation has hidden dangerous weapons at one of its facilities.

The man introduces himself as O5-5, also known as the Blackbird, and his full name is "Mortimer J. Denning Von Kronecker". The Blackbird claims to be unkillable. He takes them through a portal to a near-apocalyptic version of London and explains that he was born there and has the ability to communicate with versions of himself in other dimensions. He offers the Killsquad a deal to explore three separate worlds and decide if they want to stay or go back. The Blackbird admits he doesn't know if their actions will change anything, but he wants to find a way for everyone to benefit.

The Killsquad each have a door in front of them. Calvin, Olivia, and Adam all open their doors and go through.


Adam finds himself in a home in Portland where his family has been granted asylum. He doesn't have to deal with SCPs or the Foundation and can live a normal life. Calvin is there and Adam reveals that he has feelings for him.


Olivia finds herself on a yacht with art supplies and her ex-lover who she accidentally killed in the real world. In this world, he's alive and they are both happy.


Calvin enters his door and finds himself in a grassy clearing near a lake where his mother drowned. The Blackbird appears and offers him a chance to save his mother. Calvin doesn't believe it's real, but the Blackbird just laughs.

Calvin sees a hooded figure who gives him a pair of glasses that when he views the Blackbird, the Blackbird appears as a winged, pseudo avian monstrosity full of Mortimer’s souls which belonged to Dr. Adam Bright. The figure also gives him an interdimensional fishing hook by Dr. Wondertainment and white whiffle baseball bat to catch the Blackbird, who is trying to escape.

Calvin and the Blackbird ends up on the deck of SCP-455 in Site-19, as Kondraki rides 682 through a lobby (Duke ‘til Dawn), in the dead world of SCP-2935 and many more. Calvin uses the baseball bat to weaken the Blackbird. Eventually, they arrive at a deep well Foundation containment site where they meet Alison Chao, Dr. Gear's daughter, The Black Queen who reveals that she has been helping Calvin eliminate the Blackbird and other Overseers. The Black Queen shuts down the array containing SCP-001, causing the Blackbird to scream and disappear. The Black Queen reactivates the containment array, returning Calvin along with Adam and Olivia to Earth, but admits that pulling them away from the worlds they’re now in would be cruel.

Later, they meet with Sylvester Sloan, the oldest member of Delta Command, after being injured and shaken up from their encounter with the Blackbird. Elsewhere, Aaron Siegel activates a group of soldiers called MTF Tau-5 and orders them to go after Calvin, Adam, Olivia, and O5-4. He then talks to a mysterious being on a screen and tells it to help the soldiers find their target.

- Part 3 -

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